June 13, 2001

Max Payne Interview

There's a very kick
ass interview
online today over at Payne Reactor with Markus Stein (lead programmer) & Henri Bl�field (modeler) of the Max Payne team.

There's a lot of great stuff in this interview, so we'll leave you with just this one tidbit..

We asked Markus Stein how flexible Max Payne is in the modification department. "It will be possible for end-users to do modifications to the game. Naturally, some of the extensions and changes will require more work than others. Integrating for example new maps into the game will be comparatively easy, using our custom level editor MaxEd. We are planning on posting examples on how to do certain modifications to the game after the release. We are looking forward to seeing all kinds of modifications made to the game!" Max Payne modification is said to be "Easy to learn, difficult to master" and that's how it should be. The level editor is supposedly ten times easier to use than the level editors for other games.

Make sure to head over to Payne Reactor today and check out the interview - you'll love it.

Also, don't forget to sign up for the Max Payne pre-order mailing list if you haven't already done so. As a special incentive, the first 50,000 pre-orders (direct from 3D Realms) for Max Payne will receive a free Max Payne mouse pad. How do you get on this list? All you need to do is our mailing list signup page, give us your email, and we'll be emailing you when Max Payne is ready for pre-order.

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