December 24, 2001

Merry Christmas from 3D Realms

We'd like to take a minute and say Merry Christmas (Happy Chanukah, Kwanzaa, or whatever it is you celebrate this time of the year) to all our fans out there. 2001 has been a great year for 3D Realms with the release of Max Payne, and interest in Duke Nukem Forever remains high. We're glad at the reception that Max Payne has received this year.

We'd like to say thanks to all our fans out there with two small presents from us this holiday season. The first is an MP3 of the music from the E3 trailer that was released back in May. For months people have been asking us to release the music on it's own, and now we have. You can download a zip archive which contains an MP3 file of the E3 2001 Trailer music without any of the sound effects from the trailer.

The E3 trailer theme music is available here and here (and is about 2.5Mb). We hope you enjoy it. If you're interested, the E3 video is still available for download, you can get that here.

The second present isn't being released today - that is being released a week from now at New Year's (if all goes well), and we will announce what it is at this time. We can give you a small hint. It's of interest to old timers, and isn't Duke Nukem Forever related.

In other Christmas news, Remedy sent us their annual Christmas card (we at 3DR did not have one this year). If you'd like, you can view the Remedy Christmas card on our forums.

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