January 4, 2002

Duke Nukem Forever is the Most Anticipated

...according to the gaming news site Gaming Groove. In their article on most anticipated games for 2002, Duke Nukem Forever comes in as the most anticipated. Here's what they had to say about it..

Duke, Duke, Duke. We just had to stick him in first place - even if this title was Super Mario Brothers the hype for this puppy alone would slip it into the first place slot. Personally, we are surprised all the hype still exists after 3Drealms' time-consuming development process. Perhaps the hype still does exist because the people know that hype isn't the only thing this game has going for it. The graphics are looking great and as visually pleasing as far as blowing someone's head off can go. The gameplay itself is guaranteed to be an absolute blast and the multiplayer is sure to be one of the best things in the game. Those reasons plus more is why we crowned DNF with the most anticipated game for 2002. We know these are certainly the sentiments of the GamingGroove staff as well as most of you reading this too!

Gaming Groove isn't the only one who rated DNF at the top of their list of most anticipated. Voodoo Extreme also published their list, and they rated DNF at the top. Here's what VE had to say..

Was there really any doubt that Duke would be number one? No way, Jose! If Duke Nukem Forever lives up to half of the expections people have for it (and what's been boasted on various forums), I think we could have a new FPS king crowned this year. 3D Realms is walking a very tight rope with the long development cycle however, as the FPS scene is very picky when it comes to visuals & technology. With other first person shooters coming out this year boasting insane poly counts, 3D Realms has a window to either release the game, or suffer the Daikatana syndrome of "we should've released it two years ago". I hate to add to the hype, but I think that Duke Nukem Forever is going to be all that, plus much more.

The release date for Duke Nukem Forever remains, as always, "When it's done".

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