March 28, 2002

New Version of the Apogee / 3DR FAQ Online

Which of these games used to be Apogee projects?

* Doom
* Descent
* Tubes

Did you know that these games had other names during development?

* Realms of Chaos (Alabama Smith & The Bloodfire Pendant)
* Terminal Velocity (Velocity Brawl)
* Raptor (Mercenary 2029)
* Monster Bash (Graveyard)
* Cosmo (The Adventures of Zonk)

Answers to these questions, and many many others are available right now in the the Apogee / 3D Realms FAQ. Written by Apogee fan Sam Stoddard, this FAQ is the single best source of information available about us, our people, and our games. The first version came out in August of 1994, and it's been updated with our games and projects ever since. This new version, v7.1 can be found in our FAQ area. There you can find a link to a text version of the FAQ, as well as an HTML version of the FAQ.

Some of the other questions covered in the FAQ:

* What's the difference between Duke Nukem & Duke Nukum?
* "Call Apogee & say Aardwolf" - What's that?
* Who designed each of the 176 officially released Rise of the Triad levels?
* What do Fury3, Microsoft, & Hellbender have to do with Terminal Velocity?
* Was there really a v1.3 of Wolfenstein 3D?

If you've ever played any of our games, or if you've ever wondered "Why is that?" - then you owe it to yourself to check out the Apogee FAQ today. Spend some time and read it all, you'll be amazed at the amount of information in here.

BTW, all the games listed in the first question used to be our games at some point. The FAQ will tell you a little about that.

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