May 8, 2002

A View to a Kill

Bad James Bond joke aside, there's a pretty cool article online over at PC Gamer's site entitled "A Third Person View to a Kill". In it, the "war between 'firsties' and 'thirdies'" is discussed, with the article's thrust saying that Max Payne is at the foreground of this battle.

For those who didn't pick up on the reference, this is a discussion on whether first person or third person style games is preferred. The article talks to Petri Jarvilehto of Remedy about Remedy's decision to use third person instead of first for Max Payne. Here's a bit of what he had to say:

Anxious to get to the bottom of it all, I contacted Petri Jarvilehto, project lead at Remedy. Surprisingly, a first-person perspective was never a consideration for Payne: �We felt that third-person would differentiate the game from a zillion other action games and give us more new elements to work with.�

There's some pretty interesting stuff in this article - check it out!

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