June 12, 2002

Virus Information

Just a quick notice about some viruses currently making the rounds. Please take a moment and read this. As 3D Realms is a fairly popular website, our URL and various email links contained within are stored in a lot of folks' browser caches everywhere. Some viruses (like W32.Sircam and W32.Klez) will scan your computer's internet browser cache and look in the files for email addresses to spread themselves to. They will also masquerade as other people so the virus isn't always looking like it's coming from you. Anyway, when they find something to send to, they'll use email addresses in your browser cache to fake sender IDs and scan HTML files for pieces of text to use as the subject line. This has the effect of making the virus infested emails look like something from a friend of yours (or you) - and something you're likely to open and further infect yourself (or the poor sap you sent it to).

As a popular gaming site, we get a rather large amount of these things all the time - and it would help us (and the rest of the world too, for that matter) if you can take some time and scan your computer for viruses and help kill the Klez virus (as well as any others that might be on your machine). Below are some links to info about the Klez virus at McAfee & Symantec.

* McAfee
* Symantec

Thanks to the Winace site for the idea for doing this.

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