August 21, 2002

Interview with Scott Miller

Our founder and co-owner Scott Miller was interviewed recently by the gaming news site The interview covers a wide range of topics, from Scott's involvement with the company operations now, some of his views on gaming in general, and of course, Duke Nukem Forever (Uh, "When it's done"). Anyway, check out these quotes from the full interview:

Ingaming: What is your take on the future of shareware, especially with more and more people trying to make a buck from their projects?

Scott Miller: I think Apogee was lucky to get it's start when we did, because I believe shareware was much easier then, compared to now. The reason it's harder now is that there's simply so much more competition in the games category. Back then, every game we released made money, even if it wasn't all that good. But that quickly changed nearing the mid-90's because there were so many more games being released both as shareware, and especially commercially. No longer could okay games get noticed because there were so many great games also available. It was at that time that we changed our business, and focused on fewer, higher quality games, and more on the retail market.

InGaming: 3drealms bread and butter genre has been and continues to be first person shooters. With this genre being flooded with games at an almost constant rate, do you see the novelty wearing off? Or is innovation always going to keep things new with shooters.

Scott Miller: First, our bread-and-butter is not really first-person shooters, but character-based shooters, whether in first- or third-person. For example, on the console Duke has appeared in several third-person games, and Max Payne is third person. As for the novelty wearing off, yes, this is the case. That's why it's increasingly tough to make it fresh, and that's why we're spending so much time, money and effort trying to do something groundbreaking with Duke Nukem Forever. We do not want to release cookie-cutter clone games.

Scott has a lot more to say here - so make sure to check out the whole interview today!

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