January 16, 2004

Max Payne 2 Review

Today we bring you a great review of Max Payne 2 from the current issue of Computer Gaming World. In it, they give the game their editor's choice and 4.5 stars out of 5; having these cool things to say about it:

* Max Payne 2 is like a new braided whip - less kink with a sharper sting, and fun right up until you don't want anymore.
* The story is consistent and better executed than the first game.
* Dream levels are also back, but the blood stained tightrope walks are gone - Hurray!
* After finishing the game, I still feel like I'd want to play it again on a harder level.

Hit your newsstand to check out CGW's review of Max Payne 2. Or, you can download a copy of the demo (PC version), and check it out yourself. Or you can simply purchase a copy for yourself through Amazon.com with these links:

* PC Version
* Xbox Version
* Playstation 2 Version

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