September 9, 2005

Wanton Destruction for Shadow Warrior Released!

Over the years we've been asked several times whatever happened to the Shadow Warrior add-on pack, Wanton Destruction. This add-on was produced by a company called Sunstorm (featuring DNF developer Charlie Wiederhold). The add-on was completed, but then shelved by the distributor. It wasn't our choice, and it wasn't Sunstorm's choice. So the product sat. Eventually Sunstorm went out of business, and the product essentially died. As time went by, we at 3D Realms had thought the product was lost. We never had a copy ourselves of the add-on, and with the company non existent, the chances of releasing it were pretty much zero. We tried to locate it a few times over the years, but pretty much gave up hope, and wrote it off.

Fast forward to this Monday, and we get an email from Anthony Campiti, the former President of Sunstorm. Anthony tells us that he discovered a CD called "Add-on Archive 1". Much to his surprise (and ours), this CD contained the completed version of the Wanton Destruction add-on. A few emails were exchanged, and a CD arrived at 3D Realms HQ on Thursday afternoon with the materials!

So now we bring the file to you. Available now for download after having been thought lost all these years is the Wanton Destruction add-on for Shadow Warrior. If you still have your copy of the registered version of Shadow Warrior (that is required), fire it up, as there's some new stuff to check out. You can download the add-on from the links below. If you don't have a copy of Shadow Warrior, and want one, we still sell it, you can get one at our online store here, or you can just read more about Shadow Warrior here. In honor of the release of Wanton Destruction, we've reduced the price of Shadow Warrior from it's previous $19.95 to $10, so if you were thinking about it, now's the time!

Here's a few (newly written) words about the add-on from both Anthony & Charlie (then of Sunstorm) about Wanton Destruction:

Anthony Campiti: When Shadow Warrior was released, it quickly became the favorite game in the office. Who could forget those damn sticky bombs! When we were given the chance to create an add-on for SW, we jumped in determined to make it the best add-on product on the market. Our level designers did incredible work and stretched the limits of the BUILD engine.

Unfortunately, due to various circumstances Wanton Destruction was never released. Years went by and we moved onto dozens of other projects. But, recently I was going through our software archives and I found a CD-R labeled 'Add-on Archive 1'. I'm happy to say it includes a complete archive of the Wanton Destruction project. I quickly sent and email to 3DRealms so they could get into the hands of the Shadow Warrior fans! Enjoy more Lo Wang!


Charlie Wiederhold: "I want to thank Anthony Campiti (who founded Sunstorm Interactive and gave me my first professional gig in the industry) for finding and passing along a CD of Wanton Destruction he found recently. We've been looking high and Lo for it for years but it seemed lost to the ages. I personally think this is the best Build Engine add-on Sunstorm ever produced and I was always sad the Shadow Warrior fans never got to enjoy it.

Duke It Out in DC, Duke Carribean and Cryptic Passage were all created by a handful of people (literally, you could count them all on one hand). In 1997 Sunstorm was contracted to do two add-ons at the same time, so we decided to hire level designers from the Build community as contractors for the majority of the levels and Robert Travis and I worked with these designers to pull the whole thing together. When you read the credits list you might recognize a couple of them as they have gone on to professional careers in the gaming industry.

The Wanton Destruction add-on was completed and approved by 3D Realms, but unfortunately didn't go any farther. Shadow Warrior was a dream to build levels for so I'm happy that the work all the designers put into it will finally see the light of day. Even if a little late. Enjoy!

Here are the download links for the Wanton Destruction addon. We hope you enjoy it!

Please note that this add-on requires an unmodified v1.2 registered version of Shadow Warrior. In other words, if you're using the JonoF Windows port, you'll need to have the original DOS game available in order to get this installed.

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