January 12, 2006

Prey 360 Video on Xbox Magazine Disc

Official Xbox MagazineBack in mid november we brought you the news (here and here) of the appearance of the Prey for the Xbox 360 teaser trailer. That video has been available online for awhile now, but if you were one of the folks who missed it for one reason or another, you have a new medium to check it out in.

Hitting subscribers shelves now is the February 2006 issue of "The Official Xbox Magazine". Each month this magazine comes with a disc that contains playable demos, videos, and more for various Xbox games. Now that the 360 is out this disc is dual purposed, it contains Xbox 1 & Xbox 360 content. The February 2006 edition of the disc (which calls the video "gorgeous") has the trailer video for Prey 360 on it. If you already subscribe to this magazine, then you'll want to check it out when it hits your mailbox. If you don't subscribe, and you want to check it out, it should be on newsstands as well.

Or you can visit this link at Fileshack to downlad a copy for yourself.

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