January 30, 2006

The Future is Now: 5 Days of Prey Coverage

Prey coverage is starting to kick into high gear now, and with it comes this excellent series from Gaming news site 1Up. They will be having a Prey update daily this week, starting on January 30th and running through February 3rd. Each day will feature a different topic; the list of topics they're covering are:

  • Monday: Backtracking through a decade of development.
  • Tuesday: Straight from our George Broussard interview.
  • Wednesday: Portal tech in the Doom 3 engine.
  • Thursday: In-depth with the story of a reluctant hero.
  • Friday: Exclusive hands-on with multiplayer Prey.

Today, the series kicks off with Part I, entitled Fell on Black Days: Backtracking through a decade of development. This first part deals with the history of the project, going all the way back to its earliest incarnation in 1995. It talks a lot about the start of the project, both with Tom Hall & Paul Schuytema's time as project leads, and the brief attempt at the project when Corinne Yu was here, leading up the the shelving of the project for a long time before Human Head came into the picture.

Additionally, each day they're including some sort of media to go with the day's article. The media with today's article is the Prey trailer from back in 1997. You're definitely going to want to keep an eye out on this series all week, you can do so at http://prey.1up.com.

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