February 28, 2006

Three new Prey Magazine Previews

Today we bring you some more Prey previews, this time coming from three print magazines that are available now. They're PC Gamer (Apr 2006), The Official Xbox Magazine (Mar 2006), & X360 Magazine (Apr 2006). All three of them really love the game, here's a bit of what they all had to say:

X360 Magazine:

"Literally, a gut wrenching experience"

"Prey surprised, shocked, and greatly excited us with its complexity, inventiveness, and sheer gorgeousness - this is a truly next-generation game."

"Prey merges elements from different FPS sub-generes to create an involving experience that is often quite disturbing."

"Prey certainly impressed us. Ten years of development has meant that the teams at 3D Realms & Human Head have had more than enough time to cram every last good idea into the game and make them all work together cohesively."

In addition to their preview, they have a prediction of the Top 10 games on the Xbox 360 for the year 2006. X360 Magazine lists Prey fourth on that list, behind Halo 3, and in front of Gears of War.

Official Xbox Magazine:

"It's the weaponry and the whacked-out room puzzles that got our shooter-loving blood pumping."

"All of the weapons in Prey are acquired on the ship, lending a definite air of alien wierdness to each one."

"But hands down, the enemy that wins the "Most Likely to Give you Nightmares" award are the Wraiths, a race of spectral beings that float around and possess beings. In one of the most distrubing scenes we've ever seen in a videogame, a Wraith files into the body of a little girl then then, possessed by evil, gleefully trips her brother to shreds."

"The game already looks very polished; the engaging mix of sci-fi and Native American themes intrigues us, not to mention all the cool gravity tricks where are available in multiplay, too."

PC Gamer:

"Invest in Milk of Magnesia - this shooter's not for the faint of stomach."

"Looks like 3D Realms has a real winner on their hands!"

"Both effects (portals & gravity shifts) are pretty disorienting, but extremely cool."

"Kudos to Human Head - I haven't had a multiplayer shooter experience this impressive in ages!"

You'll want to check all of these previews - they're not online, you have to go check out the magazines at your local newsstand!

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