March 24, 2006

Prey Q&A with Tim Gerritsen

In addition to today's latest editon of the Prey Weekly Update series, we also have a short interview with Tim Gerritsen of Human Head. He talks about the overall game concept, multiplayer features, weapons, downloadable content plans and more. Here's a few morsels:

"Absolutely we'll have downloadable content (on Xbox Live). The extent of it really depends on how the game does, but we have plans to support the game with new characters, maps, skins and more. If the game does well, we definitely want to add new multiplayer modes."

"We're releasing the sdk and editor (Preditor) for Prey PC and will be actively supporting the mod community. However, to really make mod materials, you'd need a full keyboard and mouse set up, so the majority of the mods are developed for PC."

"There will be a demo on PC and 360, though dates have not yet been confirmed. We've not announced our next game yet, but the reaction to Prey had led to some very unique opportunities for us. We would love to see Xbox Live Tournaments for Prey and support them in general. I'd like to have a nice spectator lounge, though, with cocktails. :)"

Tim tells more in the full interview, available here over at Check it out!

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