April 19, 2006

Prey Pre-Order Info & Pewter Figures

Pre-order plans for Prey will be announced soon. There will be a collector's edition (both PC and 360) as well as the standard versions. Until then, here's a sneak peek at three pewter figures we will be including with the game (details coming soon).

The figures were done by "Reaper Miniatures", and what you see here are the early prototype Greens that are used to make the actual pewter figures.

We have three video files for you; all are Quicktime video, and on all of them you can grab the picture and rotate the figures' view 360 degrees. If you wish to download the files, you can do so with the following links. Both require the use of the Quicktime video player from Apple.

Download Links: [ Tommy | Hunter | Mutate ]

Keep your eyes peeled here for pre-order information soon. We will provide information on how and where to pre-order the game, plus information on how to get the various figures.

Here are some inlined versions of the videos above. These require you have the Quicktime plugin active in your browser to view them. You can use the shift and ctrl keys to zoom in and out, and use your mouse to click and drag the video to spin the figures around.




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