May 18, 2006

New Prey Ad in Magazines

There's a cool new Prey advertisement now hitting magazines, and we thought we'd bring you a peek at it. This ad is currently running in the July 2006 edition of PC Gamer, but should be turning up elsewhere soon. There's some cool copy in the advertisement, here's some of it:

  • "Imagine a place where gravity isn't always down! it can be controlled, twisted, flipped, and even wrap around small planetoids. Imagine walking on walls and ceilings. Can you handle this new challenge?"
  • "Multiple gameplay innovations from the developer that brought you Bullet-time, including Deathwalk (dying is no longer annoying, it's fun) and Spirit Walk (leave your body to explore, ambush, and solve mind bending puzzles)."
  • "Portals change everything. Experience for the first time the reality bending effects of a portal world. Prey sets a new standard that will completely mess with your mind."
  • "Living Weapons, a faithful sidekick, vehicles, giant environments, jaw-dropping memorable moments, a story of redemption and destiny, and a 3-hour epic soundtrack by Jeremy Soule (Oblivion, Guild Wars). The FPS of the year is coming."

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