June 13, 2006

Interview with Scott Miller

The website gameproducer.net has a new interview up with Scott Miller. In it, Scott talks briefly talks about the early days of the company, some Max Payne production issues, and of course a lot of Prey talk. Here's a few quotes:

GameProducer.net: In one of the game journal entries you mention that SpiritWalking is one of the key features of the game, what kind of feature is that?

Scott Miller: Spirit walking is a gameplay feature rooted to true Native American methology, where a shaman of sufficient power can astral project himself beyond his physical self. This feature is one of the reason we selected a Cherokee protagonist, as the rich mythology of Cherokee culture lends itself to many such inherently credible gameplay hooks.

GameProducer.net: One of the key factors of 3D Realms game production is independency. Can you tell us what independent game development means for a company like 3D Realms?

Scott Miller: I sort of answered this in the previous question. By being independent, we can make sure our games are done right, and that rewards us far more completely than a dozen half-way done right games. Also, by being independent, we can chose projects to pursue that have the correct story, character and gameplay hooks to insure their success. This is as important as anything to us, because without getting this part right, even superb execution and endless financing cannot bring success.

To check out the full interview, head over to Gameproducer.net now.

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