June 26, 2006

Official Prey Servers

On Friday, we told you about several official Prey Demo Deathmatch servers available. Well there's more now, and we wanted to tell you about them.

"Official Prey Server 1 [NSI Hosting]".
"Official Prey Server 2 [NSI Hosting]".

There are also some official servers at Human Head. They can be found with this nomenclature:

"Official Human Head Server #1"
"Official Human Head Server #2"
"Official Human Head Server #3"
"Official Human Head Server #4"

There was a server up over the weekend called "Human Head Demo Server" - this server has been removed.

If you'd like to read it, here is the original notification remark from Human Head last Thursday:

The response to the Prey release last night has been phenomenal. We are glad that y'all seem to like the game so much. We have had requests for Official Human Head & 3D Realms servers. While we're looking into it at 3DR, Human Head does have some servers set up now. We got a message from Tim G at Human Head about this situation:

"The server is up at, and also in the main server list as "Official Prey Server 1 [NSI Hosting]".

Since that email, there is an Official Prey Server to go with this, as well as a server at Human Head HQ named surprisingly enough "Human Head Demo Server". :)

If/when we get more Official HH/3DR servers online, we'll be sure to bring you that information as well. A special thanks goes out to Kirt Senser at NSI Hosting who has helped out in getting all this going.

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