June 30, 2006

Prey 360 Demo Now Available on Xbox Live Marketplace

We've just gotten word that the Demo for Prey is up and live on Xbox Live Marketplace. Go get it! Here's the official Press Release from 2K about the demo's availability:

Xbox Live(r) Marketplace is now featuring a playable demo of PREY(tm), the heavily anticipated first person shooter for Xbox 360(tm) and PC. PREY literally turns the FPS genre upside-down by introducing innovative gameplay elements such as wall-walking, gravity flipping, and portals that allow enemies to appear out of thin air.

Special thanks to the Prey community and fans for being as patient as they were when we missed the date for the demo.

I'd also like to offer BIG thanks to Microsoft for making an exception and posting the demo on a Friday. Eager gamers will now have the demo in their hands for the long Holiday weekend. Stop giving Major Nelson a hard time! :)

Enjoy the demo! Look for Prey in retail stores soon. You can pre-order here.

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