June 8, 2006

Prey is "Worth Your While"

Gaming news site ign.com is running a story now entitled, "The Games of Summer 2006". In it, they talk about how most games are released towards the end of the year and hardly anything is released during the summer months. The focus here is how 2006 is not like the norm and there are a lot of good games for the Xbox 360 coming out. They even go so far as to say "Generally, however, summer is the kiss of death for games. We're happy to say that between now and the end of August a handful of original, worthwhile Xbox 360 games will hit retail stands."

Of course Prey is in this article; here's what they had to say about Prey:

"Human Head has taken a game that started eight years ago (the first tech demo was shown in 1995), was put on the back burner, and was then reignited and made something genuinely awesome. That's one hell of a story in itself. But the real story is how beautiful the game looks and how well it plays on the Doom 3 engine. Starting with the initial story based around alien abduction and Native American mythology, gamers soon learn they haven't just been brought onto a space ship. They've been transported to an organic, living alien universe, replete with portals, anti-gravity gameplay, and spiritual weapons. The game runs smoothly in both single- and multi-player modes (the latter of which we witnessed at E3), and the mixture of high tech alien and low-tech Native American weapons gives the game a real unique spin. The demos we played enabled eight people in multiplayer, and we'll find out more if that's the final number or not. Still, this should give your summer a real boost."

Head on over to IGN to check out the full article and see what else you can play when you're done with Prey. :)

UPDATE @ Noon: Turns out they have a similar article on Summer games for the PC as well. Prey is listed there too. Prey is actually the only game that IGN has listed on both their 360 & PC articles. Here's what they said about the PC version:

"Well, first impressions of Prey were underwhelming -- it looked like a Doom 3 knock-off. Then came the E3 video, and everything was different. Prey was brightly colored, appeared to contain a solid storyline featuring an unconventional hero, and made us dizzy. Literally. We're still impressed by the idea of changing the direction of gravity (or maybe it's just the room rotating around us, who knows), and those portals look both fun and fascinating, especially when they're set up in a circle as we saw in one recent clip -- so you can see yourself walking through the portal before you walk through the portal. Also, choosing a Dyson sphere of sorts for its setting is also intriguing. Futuristic cities and glowing nebulas are great, but how about a living ship the size of a small moon? We look forward to it, although we may need to get some airline sickness bags."

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