July 17, 2006

Prey Linux Dedicated Server Binaries Available

Human Head Studios, Incorporated is proud to announce the availability of a dedicated multiplayer server for Prey running on the Linux platform. Instructions for setup are included in the package, which may be downloaded for free from any of the locations on our Prey downloads page.

There is a readme available online which you can check out before downloading. That file is available here.

The file is about 5.2Mb in size, and is a Linux archive (bz2). You will need some files from your original Prey registered CD (or DVD). Details as to what you will need are in the readme file.

Officially, these files are unsupported. They have been tested, and do work, but if you run into problems getting them to run, our official support channels cannot help you. Having said all that, we're aware that folks have been clamoring for the files, so go download today! Thaks to Ryan over at Icculus for all the hard work on this.

One final note - the Windows based dedicated server files are still being worked on. They should be available shortly; we'll have more word on that when we have news to report.

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