September 1, 2006

Canadian Prey LCE Coupon Info

This morning we have received an email from 2K Games about a minor problem with the versions of Prey distributed in Canada. They were missing the download voucher for the Prey Soundtrack in the box. We are here to bring you information on how to obtain said coupon if you were one of the affected customers. Here is the text from 2K Games on this issue:

2K has identified that certain units of the Prey PC and Xbox 360 Limited Collector's Edition distributed in Canada did not include the DirectSong free soundtrack download voucher in the package. 2K has established a redemption program to provide soundtrack download vouchers to Canadian customers who purchased the bilingual Limited Collector's Edition and did not receive the voucher.

Affected customers should mail the bilingual Prey Limited Collector's Edition sleeve (o-card) that fits over the metal case, along with their name and complete mailing address to:

Prey LCE Redemption Program
c/o Interlinc Direct
1-65 Superior Blvd
Mississauga ON L5T 2X9

The sleeve will be returned along with the voucher. In the event the sleeve has been discarded, customers can mail their original receipt with the Edition circled. Receipts will not be returned. This program is only valid for customers who purchased affected copies of the bilingual Canadian Prey Limited Collector's Edition.

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