October 10, 2006

Prey 360 Additional Content Now Available

If you're a fan of Prey for the Xbox 360, then this story is for you.

Available right now on the Xbox Live Marketplace is the "additional content" that has been promised. It's all free, and this is what you can download:

Becky-Multi-player character
Elhuit-Multi-player character
Elite-Multi-player character
Hunter-Multi-player character
Jen-Multi-player character
Gravity Labs-Multi-player map
Space Oddity-Multi-player map
Topillogical-Multi-player map
Tunnel Rat-Multi-player map

So fire up your Xbox 360 and head over to the marketplace to download these maps and multiplayer skins.

This content will be released on the PC side shortly. We'll have more info on that as soon as it's available.

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