October 14, 2006

Prey SDK Released

Something else people have been asking about for awhile is also being released this week. That's the Prey SDK. If you don't know what an SDK is, it's code and materials to allow folks to create their own mods for Prey. Here's what Human Head had to say about the SDK release..

The Prey SDK includes all of the game code (for building your own Game DLL), as well as some code examples/tutorials which will explain a few of the basic things you should know before diving into the code-base. This SDK distribution also compiles without issue in the free version of MSVC++ 2005 (Express Edition). Check out the included ReadMe for more information on that, as well as other modding and development resources. We're all looking forward to seeing what kind of new modifications the community comes up with, so good luck! :)

This is available for free from the links in our Prey downloads page, so if you're interested in modding games, this will be of interest to you. If you'd like to check out the readme before downloading the whole SDK, you can do that here. Please note that the SDK was re-released on Sat Oct 14th, you can grab the newer revision at the same download page.

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