February 19, 2007

Prey is Best of 2006

According to two recent gaming magazines, Prey has come out on top in their "Best of 2006" categories.

First up is the "Official Xbox Magazine" award for "Shooter of the Year". They actually awarded a tie in this category; they had Prey tied with GRAW 2. They did have several nice things to say about Prey, however:

Prey, literally turned the shooter world upside-down. By reinventing the concepts of both 3D space and how death is handled in an aciton game, Human Head's summer spectacular was easily the freshest FPS we played all year. The gravity flipping game play also translated into an original multiplayer experience. Prey's online action- in which foes could be attacking you from the floor, ceiling, or walls - dominated the OXM office for some time.

Second up is PC Gamer Magazine who awarded Prey not only one, but two best of awards, spanning a full two pages in their magazine - a nice extra touch, most awards lists don't give that much space to a single title. The two awards Prey won were "Best Action Game", and "Best Multiplayer Game". Here's a bit of what PC Gamer had to say..

The best action and multiplayer experience we've had all year is with a title that you're probably not playing... but should be. Prey's topsy-turvy environments and creepy - yet fun - gameplay literally brought a new dimension to shooters in 2006, giving you the power to walk, run, and frag through portals nad on ceilings and walls. Imagine running across the surface of a globe, aiming at somebody sprinting upside down and above you on another globe, then shooting through a nearby energy portal to finish him off. Brilliant! Prey was the first game this year to draw the entire PC Gamer staff into repeated LAN matches, as our shrieks of surprise, joy, and pain reverberated down the hall.

Check out the February 2007 issue of Xbox Magazine, as well as the March issue of PC Gamer to check out the complete lists of both magazines.

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