June 30, 2007

More Earth no More

Not long ago we brought you the news about the new 3D Realms / Recoil Games IP, "Earth No More". The reception to that news has been great, with a lot of questions. Well, that's partly why we're here to bring you this update.

Posted a couple of days ago was an interview with Recoil Games' own Samuli Syvahuoko. Samuli you may remember was one of the founders of Remedy, and has worked with us many times in the past, going all the way back to the release in 1996 of Death Rally, and more recently with Max Payne. Here's a few snippets from the interview with Samuli:

Q: In Earth No More, instead of falling victim to an attack of spooky, bionic aliens, mankind produced its most dangerous enemy completely on its own. Does this have a deeper meaning on today's world? Should we possibly stop wasting our planet?

A: Yes, we do want to deliver a message. In Earth No More, we will witness the consequences of humankind's ongoing mistreatment of the planet's environment and resources. In essence, that's the game's central theme. So, an important part of the storyline deals with global warming, pollution, and resource abuse, and the ramifications that are being caused by the climate crisis. We do like the fact that the game is rooted in modern realities rather than the game being about another been-there-done-that alien attack.

Q: A large part of your team is used to developing in self-created engines. Earth No More, however, will be using the Unreal Engine 3. What are the reasons that made you choose this engine?

A: Basically, with licensed tech, we can start prototyping right away. This means we can nail the core gameplay down a lot sooner than with tech built from scratch. This fact alone was reason enough to go this route. With UE3, the UnrealEd level editor is an especially useful piece of software.

You'll definitely want to check out everything that Samuli has to say in the full interview, which can be read over at the Extreme-Players website.

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