October 22, 2007

Prey Mobile Preview

Things have been quiet lately news wise, but we're here to bring you something new to check out. If you enjoyed Prey, then you will want to check this out. It's a preview of "Prey Mobile", a new game coming soon from Machineworks Northwest and 3D Realms.

As the name implies, it's Prey for mobile phones. If you're a fan of mobile phone games, you're going to want to check this out, as it's one of the better mobile phone games to come down the pike. Check out these quotes from IGN from their preview:

"This is, on a pure technical level, the most visually spectacular mobile game I have ever seen since I first started covering wireless in 2002.

But it's not just the texture work that makes Prey such a stunner. The attention to detail on little things underscores the pride MachineWorks takes with developing their games.

...you simply will not believe how far mobile gaming has come."

The preview also has a ton of screenshots from the game, so you'll want to check it all out.

We will have our own information page available for the game soon.

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