February 21, 2008

Duke on HD-DVD

If you're reading this website, then you're aware that we released a teaser video for Duke Nukem Forever back in December. At the time we told you that it was originally done as an internal gag for the company Christmas party. That part of the story is true, but what we didn't tell you at the time is that the video was only half of it. There was a second half of the video which we didn't announce, nor release.

As part of the "present to the company", we got Jon St. John to participate as well by recording an audio track as Duke which runs about 4 minutes or so where he "talks" to the development team about Duke Nukem Forever. This was audio only, there was no "video" with it. For the majority of the team, it was the first time they had heard the clip; it was quite funny. At the time we didn't consider releasing it, since we wanted the teaser video to stand on its own. Furthermore, it was made up of an awful lot of inside jokes and remarks about the staff; things we never expected most people to “get”.

So why are we telling you about this now? Well, when Toshiba announced earlier this week that they were dropping support for the HD-DVD format, we remembered that Duke was prophetic about this in the unreleased clip. In it Duke Nukem says that Blu-Ray was the future of high definition, before everyone else except maybe Sony realized it. This was a joke about one of our programmers here who was a seriously hard core internal advocate of HD-DVD, but Duke predicted Blu-Ray would win. "The King is never wrong." :)

So as Duke’s little going away present to the HD-DVD format, we decided to toss the small audio clip out there. You can download it here.

No, we’re not prepared at this time to release the entire audio clip, but as we said back in December, "Stay tuned" - one never knows what the future might bring,.

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