June 2, 2008

Rumor Alert! Does the Jace Hall Show Scoop Duke?

Word on the street has it that long-time game industry vet, Jason Hall, has a new episodic show debuting on Xbox Live and Crackle.com on June 4th, and the first episode reveals his recent undercover visit to 3D Realms. There's a surprise in this story, but you'll have to watch the show to see it.

The Jace Hall Show episodes will be weekly recurring, each about five minutes long. Most people remember that Jace Hall was a founder and CEO of Monolith Studios (Blood, Tron, No One Lives Forever, Condemed, F.E.A.R.), and then became head of Warner Bros. Interactive Studios division for several years. Hall is still on the Warner lot with his own company HDFILMS, and is now producing feature films, full scale television shows and online internet programming.

We expect an announcement very soon to confirm the June 4th launch date rumors.

The first episode also has been rumored to contain one of the stars of NBC’s hit series “Heroes.”

This show may have landed the greatest scoop of all time in the history of gaming… We shall see!

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