September 20, 2008

A couple of late night Duke 3D Updates

Late Friday night a few things happened relating to Duke Nukem 3D we wanted to bring you.

First off, is a multiplayer preview of the game from IGN. A couple of days ago, some of us at 3D Realms played against some guys from IGN,, & Gamespy for some online Duke play. First, we started off with about four levels in co-op, and then moved on to some Dukematch in probably the two most played Dukematch levels of all time, those being Hollywood Holocaust & Stadium. George posted a few screenshots from these games on his Twitter feed, so check 'em out (1 / 2) if you haven't. Their review talks about one of the guy's accounts playing against us, and we all had a great time. The game went well, we had lots of fun, and had no lag, either. Great times. IGN's rather personal review of the multplayer session can be read online here. Sometimes reviews on sites such as IGN and the like feel disconnected, this one does not. So much so that one of the things the IGN guys did was something that most of us at 3D Realms had not tried in the game, so that was pretty cool. You'll enjoy the review.

Second is the note that the official Duke Nukem 3D page has now gone live. It has some screenshots and information about the game. Go check it out over at here:

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