September 25, 2008

Duke Nukem 3D XBLA Theme

As we noted yesterday, other items were released besides Duke Nukem 3D itself on Xbox LIVE Arcade. We also released some gamer pic packs and a theme. We've had several requests for pictures showing what the theme looks like. This news item is an answer to those requests.

Here are four pictures, showing the theme on the four blades it is used on (Xbox LIVE, Games, Media, & System). The fifth blade (Marketplace) is not customizable by themes, so there's no picture of that. Click on any of the thumbnails to see a larger version.

Additionally, there are three picture packs. George Broussard had posted a screen capture of some of the pic packs from his Twitter feed, you can see that picture below. It is not all of the pictures, but is a sample from all three packs.

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