October 14, 2008

Max Payne Movie Stuff

The Max Payne movie opens in theatres in the US this coming Friday. As the movie is due out in a couple of days, there's a ton of press out there now about it. We're going to point you at a few of the more notable videos for the movie that you may not have seen.

First up is a clip from the movie, which shows some action with Max and Jim Bravura in the Aesir building.

Next up is a clip which talks to the director of the movie (John Moore) about adapting the original videogame for the big screen:

Next is a very cool video. This is the live action comic from the beginning of the movie. It definitely makes you feel like the game did. You'll want to check this out for sure:

Finally, there's an interview you will want to read. It is with Max himself, Mark Wahlberg. In it, he talks about the pressures of playing the character. He also admits to not having played the videogame much himself at all. Check it out here.

CS: What did you like about the game?

Wahlberg: I didn't play it that much. I let my assistant, who is a diehard gamer freak, to play it all the time until the end of the movie and then I took it away from him. I just liked how much story there was and you were able to become this character and go out and seek vengeance.

CS: How close are the characters in the movie to the game?

Wahlberg: Fairly close except for Chris Bridges - his character was originally a 60-year-old white guy. So we changed that up a little and made him younger and a little more hip. It's a much more interesting dynamic - me and him going head to head.

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