February 26, 2009

Duke3D XBLA Nominated for an Award

Late last year we released Duke Nukem 3D for Xbox LIVE Arcade to much acclaim. Not content with being just a straight port, we introduced a few features to the game, most of which were designed to take into account the connective nature of Xbox LIVE itself.

However, one of them was not geared towards LIVE play. This is the replay system from the game. We introduced a feature where when you died, you were able to go back to any point in that level you had previously played up to that point, almost effectively negating the need for traditional save games.

Today we were told that this feature in Duke Arcade has caused the game to be nominated for an award in the "Best Innovation in XBLA" category of the second annual Xbox LIVE Arcade awards. The game is up against some heavyweights as Braid, A Kingdom for Keflings, and N+.

What is different about the awards this time is you will be able to vote for the games yourself. There are instructions on how to vote on Xbox.com here, and the voting period starts on March 3rd.

If you've never checked out Duke Nukem 3D for Xbox LIVE arcade, what are you waiting for? Christmas? You can read more about the game on our website here, and you can also go to Xbox.com and queue up the download for your Xbox 360 online at this link.

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