Realms of Chaos

Realms of Chaos is an exciting side-scrolling platform game with an innovative mix of action, adventure, mysticism, and role-playing that's never been seen in this style of game. Set in the fantastic world of Mysteria, Realms of Chaos is the first of many adventures of Endrick and Elandra, a brother and sister duo who find themselves on a journey to save the many realms of Mysteria, from a dark, evil shadow that has engulfed their world, and has turned all of the inhabitants into fierce enemies.

The story of the darkness is revealed as you finish each of the three game chapters. Each chapter, or episode, has three unique realms--each realm has new enemies, new graphics, new traps and new challenges. In all, 26 killer levels!


Play as two different characters: A male warrior with a devastating sword attack and extra stamina, and a female sorceress with a long range fireball attack and great leaping ability. At any point in the game you can press a key to switch between characters! It's up to you to decide which character is best to handle each challenge.

Vibrant, realistic VGA graphics. (Tons and tons of graphics that actually take you to new worlds. You'll want to see what's behind every corner--even if it means running into things that want to kill you!)

High speed 360 degree scrolling playfield viewed at a tilted perspective (gives the game a depth of view that's missing in games like Jazz Jackrabbit).

Many unique and fantastic game puzzles that are not rehashes of what you've seen in other games.

Some areas concentrate on fighting and action, while others concentrate on exploration and discovery. This makes for fresh, exciting, and new challenges on every level.

As part of the game's realism there's a lot of blood that flies. But, for younger players, we've included a blood toggle so that the game is suitable for all age groups. Parents can password protect this option so that children cannot turn it back on.

Among all the amazing enemies you'll encounter, you'll also face four incredible bosses, plus one final super boss!

Midi-music and digital sound effects by Bobby Prince, known for his award winning work in Wolfenstein 3-D, DOOM I & II, and Duke Nukem 3D. (Special ambient sound effects make the game seem alive!)

For Paganitzu fans, there are plenty of inside references to this game, which was the author's first Apogee game (in 1991).

Tons of secrets, bonus and hidden areas to find, making the game highly repayable over and over again!

Five difficulty levels, from "Super Easy" to "Psycho Warrior." The higher secret levels actually change the game, by introducing new hazards (e.g. poison) and new challenges (e.g. auto-scrolling playfields)--a PC gaming first!

Save and restore WITHIN the game levels (save anywhere) -- plus convenient quick save/restore buttons.

The excitement in Realms of Chaos is never knowing what you'll find next. And each difficulty level adds new challenges to the game rather than simply making enemies harder to kill. Playing the game in Psycho mode is a different game than playing in Normal mode.

Originally released November 11, 1995.

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  • - v1.0 shareware episode (2691k)

System Requirements



  • VGA with color monitor
  • 386-16MHZ or better (we recommend a 486+)
  • 537k of free conventional memory and 640k of either XMS/EMS memory for SFX.
  • Hard drive with approximately 3.5 megabytes of space.
  • Joystick & keyboard supported for game play.


  • Sound Blaster
  • Pro Audio Spectrum
  • Adlib
  • General MIDI
  • Waveblaster
  • Gravis UltraSound
  • Disney Sound Source
  • NOTE: There is no PC Speaker Support

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