Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Seppuku Station - Level 1

Seppuku Station is basically a three elevation city/train station level. Your objective is to find two keys and use them to get to the ending of the level. Sounds easy huh? Well it's not as easy as it sounds. You start Shadow Warrior in an apartment dojo which would be on the same plain as the upper level. From there you will jump out of the window into the middle level plane.

Picture: The start of Lo Wang's journey, 'Lo Wang's Dojo of Death'

This is the street area. In the back of the gray pickup, there is an Uzi in the bed. Grab it and head down the narrow ramp that will drop you into the bottom level plane. You'll see a locked room on your right. Although you'll need the silver key to enter this room, the enemies inside can be shot at through the window. As you continue past this door, you'll see crates to your right with the gold key on one of those crates. You can also jump into a window from this crate which will place you in a room that houses another Uzi. This would be at the same plane as the middle level. You'll also see a locked door which will not open without the silver key. After grabbing the Uzi, you'll have to jump back down that window and progress back up to the street area.

Now that you have the gold key, you can use it to enter the double doors to train baggage terminal. You can proceed two ways from this room, either through the baggage conveyors that leads down to a lower level room or go around to the right to a door. Let's take the door this time around. You'll see a Koi Pond on your right and a hallway to the left that will direct you either left, to the pachinko parlor or right, to area 45. Go to the pachinko parlor and follow the path down. You'll notice a gray area to your right just as you enter the room here. There is a sign saying "Prize Pickup" where you'll need to get the silver key later, so make a note of this area.

Here's where the masters at 3D Realms start some of the great gaming interaction that marks the originality of Shadow Warrior. You'll see working pachinko machines in this room and as you proceed around the right corner a RC race track. You'll notice three RC vehicles on the track. One of them has the silver key on it, but the control for this car is not in this area, but since you are already here, you might as well drive the other cars around. The silver key door you see next to the race track is the door that you saw when you jumped on the crates and got the second Uzi. From here, lets go back up the path and go to the left. Here you'll see three doors. The center door requires the silver key for access. This is the door you'll have to open to complete the level. Now lets go back through the hall that led into this area and go back to the terminal entrance. Now jump into the baggage conveyor.

Now you've dropped into a room that has another Uzi on the left on top of a baggage carrousel, Armor on the wall straight ahead of you and.... guess what?!? The control for the silver key RC car to the right!! You need to drive this car around the track towards you and into the gray area I spoke about when you entered the room where the pachinko machines are.

Picture: The control for the car with the silver key, on the left side of this screenshot.

Once you've done that, jump up into the baggage shoot that lead back up to the terminal. Then you'll go right back through the doors, head to the hallway going left and grab the silver key in the "Prize Pickup" area. Now that you have the silver key, use it on the center door that leads to area 45. When you enter this small room, there is a switch on the wall to the left. Use this switch and it will open the 2 metal detector doors on each side of the silver key door. From here, go right and drop down to the train track path and then turn left and head up this pathway. There is a turret up towards the top of this path which can be destroyed with a few rockets. The subway train to your left has a few Coolies hiding in it. Kill the Coolies and press the Shadow Warrior symbol to end the level.

Picture: Inside the train at Seppuku Station, the end of level one is straight ahead!

Once you have completed level one, it's time to go on to the Level two, Zilla Construction.