Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Raider of the Lost Wang - Level 10

This level is composed of an outdoors and indoors settings, and uses all four keys. You start out in a small room that has two different directions you can go, either up some stairs, or to the right. Remember that this room has medkits in it so if you get low on health come back here, refill, and then get back to where you were. There are also some shurikens by the medkits if you want to grab them.

Go to the right and get the Riot Gun. There should be a small rock column right in front of the Riot Gun. Here is a good strategy to use. Once you get the Riot Gun, strafe to your left and start shooting some of the Ninjas. Then strafe back over behind the column which will protect you, then strafe back and start shooting again. Do this over and over until the Ninjas are dead. There is also a Coolie ghost flying around in this area so beware of him. Those are small, fast, and hard to hit so be careful. There could also be more enemies around depending on your difficulty setting. The main thing is to enter with caution.

Once you feel that it is safe to proceed, pass the safety of the column, you will see a small green path with water on both sides. If you need shotgun shells there should be some off to the left, through some cattails, and behind a wall. If you decide to get the shells, go back to the grass path and get them where the bunny was hopping around. To the right you will see a hole in the wall with weeds hanging from the ceiling inside. Very carefully go down this hole but not all the way. Just pass the weeds is a Ripper waiting so you'll want to get rid of him first. Once he is dead, you can now get a medkit and a Missile Launcher.

Head back outside and turn right. You should see a hallway to the right with the ground all broken up. Go down the hallway until you see a small hallway to the left leading to a room. Go in here and kill the Ninja. In here you'll see a large door that takes a gold key. To the left and right are some medkits, Sticky Bombs, caltrops, and a Riot Gun. Head back out to the hallway with the broken up floor and turn left into a fairly large room. Proceed slowly because there are several enemies lurking about you will need to kill.

In this room you will see a rotating column that has bloody spear heads sticking out of its sides. You will need to get past this column. There is a way to get through without getting hurt but it is difficult. You will notice that the spear heads will go up the side of the column, then down, and back up again. You will want to position yourself to the side of the column. Just as the spear heads are high, crawl through to the other side. If you do get hit, don't worry because they will not hurt you badly. In addition there is a fortune cookie on the other side to boost you up. Once on the other side, you will see a switch which you should now push. Now get back on the other side of the column just as you did before.

Picture: This switch behind this column starts the water flowing.

You will now see water that wasn't there before. Jump into the water and go under. Once under you will see a hollow tree trunk going up which you will want to go up until you are above water. There is a ladder going up from here. Climb the ladder and you should be in a small room. Grab the medkit, shells, and missiles that are in this room. On the other side of the room is a hole in the floor which you will want to fall down now. Once you fall down, which should cause a little health to go down, walk around the ladder and there are a Rail Gun, some grenade shells, and the gold key. After you have gathered all the items, go back to the ladder, climb up, and fall through the hole in the floor on the other side of the room. Then swim up and you should be back in the room with the spinning column. Go back to the hallway with the broken floor and go outside. Now turn to the right and you should see a room to the right with a column in the center of it and statues by the walls. We do not need to go in here unless you need Uzi ammunition. Be careful though because there is a Coolie in there that could run out and give you a big surprise. Go past this room and to the right you will see another hallway. There is a Ninja in here so kill him and then go down the hallway. To the right is a door that takes the gold key.

Picture: Hummm, the gold key is there, but how do I get it?

When you open the door, you will see steps leading down. There will possibly be some enemies such as Rippers and a Coolie ghost there as well. Be careful and go slow so you can kill them. When you get to the bottom of the stairs you will see a ledge straight ahead and some stairs to the right. On the ledge is a Female Warrior so be careful. Jump onto the ledge and go left. You will see a large hole in the ground with a box on the lower level through the hole. On the box is a medkit. Jump down through the hole and watch out for the Ninjas in here. Down here is a hallway leading to the silver key. Get the key and go back up through the hole by jumping on the box. Go back and jump off the ledge and turn left to go up the stairs. At the top of the stairs should be at least one Ripper. After killing the enemies you should see a path on the ground. Follow the path and go up the small set of stairs and turn left which will take you to the door that takes the silver key.

Picture: The silver key.

Once you open the door, you will see a switch straight ahead. Go ahead and flip the switch but before you leave the room, be sure to grab the medkits, missiles, and night vision goggles you may need. Leave the room and go back to where the ledge is with the hole in the ground. You should now see that the hole is filled with water. Jump into the water and quickly go down the hallway and go through the newly opened wall, and turn right. Keep going until you come across the hole that is in the wall ahead and swim up to the top. You should now be in a square room with a center floor surrounded by water on three sides. Be careful and kill the enemies in the room. Before proceeding, you may want to get the medkit in the room because you may need it in the next room.

Picture: Can you get by the Serpent God to get the bronze key?

On the wall to the south you will see a door to the right and a hallway to the left. Go into the hallway and get the items on the floor. You will see some spiral steps going down too, but before you go down, get ready to fight a Serpent God. Once you feel ready, carefully go down the spiral steps and kill the Serpent God. On the east wall of this room is a notch in the wall and in the notch is the bronze key. Get the key and go back up the spiral steps. On the south wall is a door that takes the bronze key. Open the door and you should see the room with the spinning column in it. On the opposite side of the room straight ahead is another door that takes a bronze key. Go over and open it. You should now see a medium sized room with a red floor and a Ninja in it. Straight ahead you will see some water. If you need some grenade shells or health, jump into the water in the middle and go down to get them. Now get out of the water and you will see a waterfall to your left and right. Jump into the small pool the waterfall is pouring in on either side and go down. Once you get to the bottom you should see an armor vest and the red key. Get them both and go back up the way you came.

Picture: You must dive down into the water here to get the red key.

Exit this room through the door you came in which is on the north wall. There are two doors on the north wall but the door you want to go in is the one on the right. After you open it, go back to the other door that takes the bronze key strait ahead and open it. Now open the door in this room that takes the red key which is straight ahead. Be careful as you go because there are a Ninja and a Female Warrior in here. Kill the enemies and push the switch to end the level.

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