Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Sumo Sky Palace - Level 11

This level is a huge floating palace in the sky. Throughout the level you will be doing stuff outside where if you miss your mark just by an inch you will plummet to your death so be very careful. You start in a room that has a Guardian in it so blast him right away. There are medkits behind you if you need them when you are finished with him. To the left, you should see a picture with skulls on the left and right. There is a gas bomb underneath the picture. Go into the door straight ahead and you will see a large walkway going left and right with a big hole in the center and the two walkways meeting up ahead. Kill the Ninja and any other enemies that are there and go either left or right up the walkway. Remember that this place is way up in the sky so if you walk a little too far in either direction you could fall. Get the medkits if you need them.

Once you get to where the two walkways meet a rock slab will lower with a skull button on it. Push the button. In the middle of the large circle, you have probably already noticed the Missile Launcher sitting on the pillar. If you want to risk your life to get it, go ahead. A good way I think to do these jumps are to go into full map mode (TAB twice). Once in map mode, zoom out (- key) until you can see yourself, the ledge you are standing on, and the ledge you want to jump to. Then run forward, jump at the end of your ledge, and try to get the distance right to where your destination is. For some this may be more difficult than just jumping in normal game mode but I prefer the map. The choice is yours.

Go back over the walkway and as you go up the ramp leading back to the door look to the right and stop right at the corner of the wall. Look down over the side of the ledge and you will see a ledge just below the ledge you are standing on. Slowly walk over the ledge to land on this ledge. There will be another drop to a second ledge so walk a little further until you drop on the ledge. Again, if you think it will be better for you use the map to see where you are going.

Picture: Take a skillful leap of faith and capture the gold key.

Now follow the ledge you're standing on until you come to a hole and a second ledge a little bit away. There should be health here too. Now jump onto the next ledge and get the gas bomb and the gold key. Jump back and go back up the path to get back onto the original ledge and go through the door back to the starting room. In this room you will see a door that takes the gold key. Just to the right of the door there is a hole in the wall that has shotgun shells and Uzi clips in it.

In the next room you are going to enter is a Serpent God. Before you go in you'll want to know where some health is so you can grab the health while you blast the Serpent God. There are four pillars on each side of the room, one on the east, west, south, and north. Behind the east pillar are medkits, and missiles. Behind the south pillar are medkits and the door that red key door. Behind the west pillar are medkits. Behind the north pillar are medkits too, but beware because it is in between two ramps and there are enemies over on the ramps.

Now proceed by unlocking the red door and entering. Kill the Serpent God and get health when and if you need it. Once you kill the Serpent God, go behind the north pillar. There will be two ramps, one to the left and one to the right. Go up the left ramp and kill the Ninja and Coolie or any other enemies. Behind the wood boxes is health if you need it. Now jump onto the boxes and up onto the next floor level. Turn around and kill the Guardian on the other side of the hole. Once you kill him, go around the hole by stepping on the ledge. Go to the left ledge since it has health on it. Then once you are across the hole you will see two skull buttons. Only push the one on the right and leave the one on the left untouched.

Picture: The correct combination of the skull switches.

Now go back down the hole and down the ramp, and then go up the other ramp. There are some shotgun shells and an Uzi clip behind the boxes. Now do as you did on the other ramp and jump onto the boxes, up to the next floor level, turn around, and kill the Guardian. Go around the hole onto the other side and this time you need to push both skull buttons. Once both of the skull buttons are pushed, you should hear doors opening. Go back around the hole and go forward, don't drop down. Turn and you should now see an open door. Go through the door and you should now be above the room that the Serpent God was in. There will be a Coolie and possibly other enemies up here so get rid of them first. Now jump onto the wooden star that is spinning. On top of it are the red key and a Riot Gun. Jump back over to the upper floor level. If you need help, go north or south to get some health. Go through the door and back down the ramp.

Picture: The red key is on top of the spinning wooden star.

You are back in the room that had the Serpent God in it. Go behind the pillar to the west and unlock, and open the door that takes the red key. Behind it you will see a wooden revolving door that has bloody spears on two of its sides. Walk into the revolving door when the spear is not toward you and turn around so you can see what way you are facing. When you are facing an open room with a Female Warrior in it, walk forward and kill her. Now there is a second wooden revolving door. Go through it and walk out when you see a door. Open the door and kill the Guardian and whatever enemies are in there. There are three bookshelves in this room and the middle one doesn't have any books. Open this bookshelf to get a rail gun. Open the next door in the room and kill the Coolie. There is a hole in the wall right on the other side of the door that has health in it that you might want to get. Now go down the stairs and kill the Coolie ghost. There are missiles in the northeast corner of this room.

Open the small gate that is on the west wall. Now flip the switch in there and run back out the gate and into the newly opened door on the south wall. There will be a large hole in the middle of the floor and health on the ledge. Go down the ladder that is on the side of the hole. Once at bottom, turn around to face the east and walk to the end of the walkway. Once you get to the end turn left to face north and jump onto the second walkway. Turn right and go to the end. You will now have to run and jump onto the ladder ahead of you. As soon as you climb the ladder, duck and start shooting the Guardian. The reason you are ducking is because there is something that will be shooting at you and if you don't duck it will hit you. There is health in the northwest corner of this small room. Now crawl to the east toward the thing shooting and go right which is to the south. Now go down the ramps until you reach the end and you will see a platform ahead of you. Carefully jump onto the platform and use the map if you need to. Jump onto the next platform which is to the south. Keep jumping onto the platforms until you reach the big one with statues and skulls on it. Beware of the bees because they can sting you until you plummet off the side of the platforms.

Picture: It will take many skillful leaps to get the silver key.

Get the silver key in the middle of the platform and the Missile Launcher and health on the south end of the platform. Now go back to the platforms and jump onto each one until you get back to the ramps going up. Don't go up the ramps too quick because remember the thing shooting at the top. Once you get up there be sure to crawl to the other side of it and get in front of the door that takes the silver key. Unlock the door, and open it. You should see a wall moving back and forth from east to west and west to east. The door has bloody spears on the sides of it so be careful. You don't want to end up like what's left of the guys on the wall that tried to get through here before. Get to the other side by running across when the moving wall is on the other side of the room and then open the door.

You should now see a bunch of platforms moving up and down in lava. The ledge you are standing on has three medkits on it. Now you will have to jump onto these moving platforms. This is a little tricky but you'll get used to it. The best way is to wait until the platform is nearing the lowest spot and then jump onto it. This is the most effective way to safely get across. If you do fall however, quickly run to the north and you will see a place to stand by the wall that isn't lava. Get on this and then jump onto the nearest moving platform and proceed on. Once you get to the last one jump onto the platform and there is health to the left and right if you need it. Now open the picture but don't jump on in there.

Picture: Take heed to the words on the wall here!

When you open the picture you will see a switch and words saying "Beware!" Well, they aren't kidding. If you jump in there you are going to get blasted by two powerful rockets. Here is how to avoid them. After you open the picture just jump up so that you are barely inside the small room. Now look to your left and right and you will see holes in the wall that furnishes the rocket projectiles. You can close a hatch in front of them both by hitting the open button. Don't go too far in front of them to close the hatch or you will get hit. Just stand to the side of them and hit the open button which will close them. Now you still aren't safe as a baby in a crib. The hatches will open soon so hurry and get in there, flip the switch and get back out.

Picture: It's just you and the Sumo is this small arena!

Once you are out of the dangerous room, jump back onto the platforms moving up and down. Once you get to the third platform, face north and you will see a portal that wasn't there before. Don't jump into the portal yet. When you jump into this portal, you are going to meet a very large and crabby Sumo wrestler that has one thing on his mind, to kill you. He packs a dangerous stomp, clap, other attacks, and throws cursed skulls. I doubt you will beat him on your first shot but in order to help you do it I will explain the room that you are going to fight him in. It is a square room that inclines on each side by big steps that you will have to jump up on. There are helpful items in each corner of the room. Here is the list of items in the corners:

Southwest: Grenade Shells Northwest: Rail Gun Rods Northeast: Missiles Southeast: Portable medkit

You will definitely need the medkit to heal yourself as you fight. Once you take the great tub of lard Sumo down in a blaze of glory, you will get to treat yourself with a little snack and then go to the next level.

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