Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Bath House - Level 12

This level uses only three keys which are the red, blue, and yellow. The main objective is to get through the bath house, onto the roof, and get a toolkit.

When you start you will see an explosion and a broken vehicle. This is what you need the toolkit for. To your right is health for future reference if you need it. Behind you is a gate and behind the gate you will see a trash can. Shoot the trash can and some Shurikens will pop out. Now go to the right, heading west toward the broken vehicle and kill the Female Warrior and any other enemies. By the door to the west that has a large crack in it is an Uzi and some Uzi clips.

Picture: Blow the tanks up and the car will blow up as well.

Now go back the way you came heading east and you should see a second broken vehicle. Turn the corner very slowly and stay to the far wall as close as you can. As soon as you see the car with tanks beside it, shoot and blow it up which will take care of the three Female Warriors on top of it. If you were far away enough, you shouldn't have gotten hurt during the explosion. Now go to where the car was and you should see a fire and water. To the left you will see a hallway. At the end of the hallway turn right and you should see a market off to the left. In here are some Shurikens and a fortune cookie on the counter. Watch out for the Ninja and whatever other enemies are lurking around in here. Take notice the trash can in this area. If you shoot it, a smoke bomb will pop out into your lap.

Go back to where the car was and go down into the water and face west. Go straight forward until you get to the end and you will see a blue card that you won't be able to reach yet. Turn left and you will see a grate. Shoot the grate, go through it and go to the end where the health is. Now go up out of the water. This will take you to the bathroom inside of the bath house. There will be enemies in this room so as soon as you get out of the water look around and get them quick. To the east you will see two bathroom stalls. Open the one on the left and there will be a flash bomb on the toilet. The one on the right holds some Shurikens. On the north wall right beside the left stall you will see a grate up a little bit up the wall. Shoot it and jump in to get some health.

Picture: Use this switch to open the grate to reach the blue key card.

Further down going north you'll see a doorway. Go through it and turn right, then left. There will be more enemies in here, and you'll have to kill. In the middle of this room to the north are some Shurikens. You'll also notice a large pool of water in the middle of the room. Jump in now. In each corner of the pool are some items including shotgun shells, an Uzi, and health. If your air is a little low, go back up for air and then go back down after the items. Now go back down and quickly go into the small hole in the wall in the southeast corner. Go to end of the hole and get the Missile Launcher. Now push the button and the grate to your left will open. Go through and get the blue key. Turn right into the hole facing south, go to end and go up. You should now be back in the bathroom.

Picture: Flip this switch before you jump into the water filled pipe.

Now go through the doorway to the north again but this time turn left. You'll see some lockers and there is health in the open locker, and armor on top of the lockers. Go through the doorway to the east and turn right until you see a room with a desk and cash register in it. There is a Coolie in here and maybe more enemies. To the west you will see a couch and on the left side of the couch will be Uzi clips and to the right some health. On the south wall you will see a ramp. Go up the ramp and the spiral stairs. Kill the Coolie that will greet you once you get to the top. In the southeast corner is an Uzi. Unlock and open the door that takes the blue key to the north. In here is a Ripper so be careful. Go all the way to the north wall, and turn right facing east. Slowly go to the east wall where you will see some ammo in some sort of console on the wall. Make sure you go slow because when you reach a certain point there will be an explosion and you don't want to be too close. Turn right at the east wall to face south and a little further down you will see a large pipe with a hole on its side and water in it. To the right of the pipe there is a switch. Flip the switch and you will see a small panel raise from behind the switch. Now jump into the large pipe and go down under the water. Facing north, you will see a hole in the pipe at the bottom. At the end of the long hole you will see very small rotating wall with a red button on one side. Once you time it correctly, shoot the button go back out of the pipe.

Picture: Shoot the button under water and you will be able to grab the yellow key.

In the middle of the room, right in front of the door that takes the blue key will be a large pipe. Inside the pipe is the yellow key and a ceiling inside the pipe raising and lowering. Jump into the pipe and get the yellow key while the ceiling is raised and be quick about it so you don't get smashed. Go back out the door you came in that takes the blue key. Now go up the spiral steps in the north wall. Once you get to the top, unlock and open the door that takes the yellow key. You are now on the roof of the bath house. To your right you will see a pool of water that an Anime chick is bathing in. Go forward, turn right, and go past the girl. Once you get to the end of the pool, go under the water and get the Shurikens. Push the button on the wall to open the hatch and get the armor. Now go up out of the water and go north. After you pass the girl and go forward, you will meet a Guardian and possibly more enemies depending on your difficulty settings. To the east you should find an Uzi to aid you in killing the enemies.

Picture: Push this button to drain the pool and grab the red key card.

Now go all the way to the end of the roof to the north. Turn left and on the side of the wall you should see a button. Push the button and the water in the pool to your left should go down to reveal the red key and a Riot Gun. Once you get the key and gun, go south then west to the gate that takes the red key. Unlock it and open it. Kill the Coolie ghost flying around and then go west to get an Uzi clip and some health. On the east wall you will see a small hatch on the wall. Just past it on the other side of the wall there is a button that you will need to push in order to open the hatch. Now get the toolkit inside the hatch.

Picture: Push this button to open the hatch and grab the toolkit.

Go to the north side of the building and drop off the side of the building in the corner. There should be a slope there so you don't fall all the way to the ground and get hurt. There is a spawned Ninja sitting on a ledge on the side of a building you will have to get rid of. Once he is taken care of, get into the smoking vehicle and hit the space bar to fix it automatically and start driving it. Get in front of the door to the west and shoot the crack on the door. The door will no burst open and you can go through. Inside are some shells and health. When you go inside, look to the left through the window and you will see a plane crash which links us to the next level. Grab the smoke and gas bomb through the two doors on the east wall and press the button to end the level.

Picture: Blast the crack in this door with your vehicles' guns.

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