Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Unfriendly Skies - Level 13

This level takes place inside an airport. You will use three keys which include the red, yellow, and blue keys. You'll start the level right beside the plane that crashed at the end of the last level. In this room are some telephones and some health on the east side of the room. Go through the door to the south and kill any enemy Ninjas. In the room there is a desk and there is a Ninja crouching behind the desk to be aware of. On the desk is a computer and beside the computer is some health.

Now go through the door to the south and kill any enemies which will include at least one Female Warrior. To the east you will see a doorway to a room that has a bunch of pachinko machines in it. Slowly walk into the room and there will be an explosion as you enter. The explosion will be on the other side of the pachinko which will blow a hole in the wall and into the airplane beyond the wall. Once the explosion has settled, go into the hole to the airplane. On the floor is some health and on the floor in the back of the plane is the red key. On the seat beside the red key is a pair of night vision goggles which you will need later on. Now go back through the hole, the doorway, and back into the room with the desk.

Picture: The red key is on the floor in the exploded airplane.

Now unlock the elevator with the red key and push the button on the side of the elevator to activate it. Once you get to the bottom and door opens, kill the Ninja that is on the second floor up above. Now go into the doorway to the west and go up the spiral stairs. Kill the Ninja that is in there to the left of the cash register. Many items are inside the room with the magazine racks and cash register including UZI clips, Shurikens, heat-seeker card, flash bomb, and health. There is also a Riot Gun on the floor beside the cash register but be careful getting it because there are caltrops on the floor you will have to jump over. Also on the second level is a trash can in the corner by the large hole in the floor showing the bottom room. If you shoot the trash can with something explosive then it will blow up and a Guardian Head will pop out and most likely land on the floor in the bottom room.

Picture: Flip this switch and run to safety from the C-4 explosion.

Now go back down the stairs and into the bottom floor and go through the other doorway to the south. Now turn left and go down a little bit. To your right you should see a wooden door that will not open. Just beyond that to the right is a glass window and behind it is a large explosive and a Baby Ripper. Shoot the glass and kill the Baby Ripper. You'll notice a door in this room that on the other side is the yellow key. You will not be able to open this door so turn facing the explosive. You will see a switch on the side of the explosive. Flip the switch and quickly run out the window while you hear a woman saying counting down. When you run out the window go straight and turn right and you should be in a room with a luggage return conveyor belt in the middle. Run to the other side until you can't hear the woman talking anymore. Be careful because there are a couple Ninjas in this room that you will have to deal with while you are running. If you are fast enough you should be on the other side of the luggage return before the woman stops counting down. The explosive will detonate. After the explosion and fire settles, return to the room where you activated the explosive. Be careful as you go into the room because there are still fires on the ground. The door that was blocking the yellow key is now gone and you can get the key. In the corner of the room is health if you need it. Now go back out the window and turn left. Then turn right back into the room with the hole in the ceiling and open the door that takes the yellow key.

Picture: The blue key card sits on a console in the control room.

You'll see a blue couch amongst other things. On the couch is Railgun rods and an Uzi clip. You may want to turn on your night vision goggles now because you will be entering a dark area soon. Go up the ramp and kill the Baby Rippers while on the ramp. Once you get into the room, kill the other Rippers and to the east there is a console with lots of buttons and switches. In the console is the blue key, an Uzi, and a gas bomb. There are also some Sticky Bombs in the middle of the room and health by the pop machine. Now go back down the ramps and open door. Now go back through the door to the south but this time turn left instead of right. Go through the flaps above the conveyor belt and go down and kill the Ninjas. Make sure you go down the conveyor belt instead of through the metal detector beside it because if you do the detector will go off and then a door will open revealing a large machine gun firing at you. If you do set off the metal detector, you can eliminate the machine gun with a few rockets.

Picture: Another tough Sumo awaits you at the end of this level.

Once you are down the conveyor belt get the shells. Now go south and turn left where you will see two metal doors on the wall. Open them and get the Guardian Head on the left, and the kevlar armor on the right. Now go down the hallway toward the blue sign that says "Blue Brews" and turn left. Kill the Coolie, and go in. Get the shotgun shells and flash bomb. Now go back out the room and down the hallway. Go east and go through the doorway. Kill the Female Warrior and get the health on top of the back wall with the screens on it. If you have some time left in your night vision goggles, turn them on now. Unlock and go through the door that takes the blue key. Kill the Rippers and keep going up the ramp. At the top of the ramp you will meet a Sumo. Kill the Sumo and then push the button to end the level.

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