Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Crude Oil - Level 14

This level takes place in Zillas' oil plant. You'll have to use all four keys to complete this level. You will start in a room that has two or more Ninjas in it that you will have to kill quickly. To your left is an Uzi to help aid in completing this task. After you have killed them, in the small room the ramp leads to, there is a Riot Gun on a box. If you drop out the window of this small room there are some caltrops on the floor. Also in the southeast corner is health in case you were hurt by the Ninjas. Now go out the doorway to the north and turn right. Quickly jump into the vehicle and start it. There will be a bunch of Ninjas ahead that you can either shoot with the vehicle or run them over. Go forward in the vehicle now and curve around the road to the right. While you are going forward, you will see a ledge to the left and barrels by and on top of the ledge. Also, on the side of the ledge is a ladder. If you want, you can go up the ladder and on top of this ledge in the back is a Missile Launcher.

Picture: Use this vehicle to clear out a path.

After a bit, you will see a left turn and some barrels by the wall. Turn left here and shoot the barrel that is by itself in the corner next to the door. After you shoot the barrel, there will be a crack in the wall. Before going in the crack go to the opposite side and in the corner get the Riot Gun. Now go through the crack and kill the Ripper and any other enemies. Now face north and jump through the window. A Riot Gun and some missiles on top of the computer are in this room. Turn right and go through the hallway to the east to the next room. In here are some health and the red key up on a metal box in the corner.

Picture: The red key is the first key card you will get in this level.

Jump back out the window and face west. You will see two holes in the wall. The left is the door that takes the green key and the right heads back to the main street. Go through the right hole and turn right. Now go all the way back to the beginning where the vehicle was when you turned it on. Up on a ledge here is the door that takes the red key. Open the door and go forward. In the corner are some shotgun shells. Turn right and open the second door and kill the Ninjas. There are some grenade shells by the desk in the lower part of the room. There is a ramp to the left of the desk. Go up the ramp and you will see some couches to the left. Above the couches is a flash bomb. Now go into the large doorway on the west wall.

Picture: Grab the blue key card next.

In here to the west is some health and beside the health are pay phones. Partly hidden to the right of the pay phones is the blue key. By the couches on the other side of the room is a Missile Launcher. Now leave this room and go back out the red key door. Turn right and go until you see the blue key door on the left. Unlock and open the door. As soon as you open the door you should see some Ninjas. Kill the Ninjas while you go up the small set of steps. To the left are some Railgun rods. Straight ahead is some health. To the right in the wall is a gas bomb, a heat seeker card, more health, and shotgun shells. Open the door that is on the west wall and kill the Ninja. In here on the wall is a small hole with a Guardian Head in it. Behind the desk is a switch. Flip the switch and go back out the door. Straight ahead will be a newly opened door. Don't go up the ramp yet. Shoot up into the room until you hit the tanks and blow up the room. This should kill the enemies inside. Once the explosion has settled, walk up the ramp and into the room.

Picture: Push the switch under the desk in this room.

In this room is a smoke bomb straight ahead. To the left are health and missiles. To the right is some armor. To the left of the armor, on the side of the desk on the floor, is a switch. Duck down and flip a switch to open a door to your right. When the door opens, go down the red lighted hallway. When you get to the end of the hallway, shoot the Coolie. You will see a large pool of slime and a churn spinning in the middle mixing it up. Turn to your right and follow the ledge until it comes to a deadend which will have shotgun shells there. Now jump over onto the small platform in the middle of the slime that has the yellow key on it, then jump onto the ledge on the other side. Get the Sticky Bombs and health. Now turn around and shoot the crack in the wall on the opposite side of the room which will create a big hole. If you don't have any guns and/or ammo to shoot the crack, then jump onto the small platform in the middle. Then throw a Sticky Bomb onto the crack. Now jump back to the side that doesn't have the crack in the wall and shoot the Sticky Bomb with any gun. Now go through the newly created hole in the wall.

Picture: The yellow key card is on the platform in the middle of the slime waste pond.

You will see the two holes in the wall again. Go in the right hole again and turn to your right. Now unlock and open the yellow key door. Once inside you will see lots of boxes and goodies on the boxes. In this room is an Uzi, some Uzi clips, a medkit, the green key, grenade shells, Riot Gun, and a toolkit. Once you get everything, go back out the door that takes the yellow key.

Picture: There are lots of useful items behind the yellow key door.

Turn left and go through the crack in the wall. Once you go through the crack, turn right and you should see a door in another hole in the wall. Unlock this door with the green key and open it. You will see a fence and beyond the fence a bunch of large oil tanks. Walk forward and you will hear Lo Wang say "Now it's time to take out Zilla's oil tanks!" On the side of the right oil tank is a crack. Shoot this crack with something that explodes. If you are using a Missile Launcher just point and shoot. If you are using a Grenade Launcher you will have to either duck and shoot or move back some and shoot so that the grenade gets right beside the crack when it explodes. After the huge explosion walk forward and this will end the level.

Picture: Shoot the barrels to destroy Zilla's oil field.

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