Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Water Torture - Level 19

The next level takes place in an underwater submarine docking station. You will need to find four keys as you make your way through this level.

You begin this level exactly where you left off in the previous level. You find yourself approaching a small beach on the small island that the docking station is built under. Jump up onto the rock ledge and then drop into the water, but don't swim under yet. Turn back facing where you just walked into the water, facing northeast, and then swim downward. As you begin to swim down, you'll see an opening about midway down from the surface to the bottom of this area. Quickly swim into it and follow the underwater shaft into an open area where you can see observation windows. Swim up to the surface and get a breath of air and turn facing south. Swim back down and swim into the next underwater room ahead. Turn and face west and swim up to the surface.

You should run into some Ninjas on the surface which you'll need to eliminate. With this area clear, you'll see a door ahead of you that requires the yellow key card and an elevator to the north which requires the red key card. Make a note of this location as you'll need to return here later. Now open the door to the south which leads down a short corridor with observation windows on each side. As always, watch for enemies. Now open the door at the end of the corridor and walk into the next corridor. This corridor opens up into the submarine dock itself. When you approach the end of the corridor, turn to your left and take a running jump to the landing.

On your right, you'll see some barrels in front of a workbench. On your left you'll see another corridor. About mid way down this corridor, you can go can see a door to the right. Don't go this way yet. Go down the corridor and walk straight down it to where you can see the first aid sign on the wall ahead of you. Inside of this sign is a portable medkit. To the right, is a hatch that holds a Grenade Launcher. Now go back to where the barrels and workbench were and turn the west. You'll see a ladder that leads down inside of the docked submarine. Drop down inside and pick off the enemies inside.

Picture: The blue key card is in the piston the female mechanic is working on.

There is a switch just inside the sub to the left that activates the sub's periscope. If you activate it, there is a flash bomb exposed. On the other side, you'll see an Uzi. Now walk further into the sub until you reach a door on the left side of the west wall. Open the door and a female mechanic is there. You'll see three pistons in front of the mechanic, but only the middle and left ones are moving. Walk over to the one on the right and press the space bar and it will lower and expose the blue key card. Grab it and the Railgun rods behind the mechanic and exit the submarine.

Picture: The crack in this window can be broken.

As you exit the submarine up the ladder, the blue key card door is straight ahead of you on the north wall. Use the card and open the door and walk through this corridor in front of you. As you open the next door at the end of this corridor you'll notice an explosive tank in front of a closed viewing window, a barracks room to your right and a red key card door ahead of you. There is a switch on the wall near the viewing window that opens the shields. As the window is exposed, you'll notice a crack in the window.

Go into the barracks room on the east. Inside you'll see a vacuum cleaner which can be used. There are also two air duct grills in this room, one straight ahead up high, and another to the right as you first enter this room. Shoot both grills out and then move the vacuum cleaner in front of the grill that was just inside the room. Jump on top of the handle and then into the duct and grab the Sticky Bombs hidden inside. Now blast the crack in the window by shooting the explosive tank and the room will flood. Swim up into the other duct and the red key card can be found. Now swim out of the window you just blasted open and up to the surface.

Picture: You can swim into the grill when the room is flooded and grab the red key card.

Now that you are on the surface, swim back down where you originally went to get into this compound. Now walk to the red key card slot by the elevator. As you drop down the open elevator, you'll enter a control room that is guarded by some Rippers. Take them out quickly and then enter the room. As you enter the room, you'll see the green key card ahead of you. You'll also see a closet door to your left that has some armor inside of it. As you walk round this room, pick up the ammo and items that you need. There is also another closet that has caltrops inside. The red key card door you see cannot be opened as it is the door that opens into the area you flooded in order to get that key.

Picture: The green key card is in plain site.

Go back up the elevator and walk thru the east door back out to the end of the corridor where you leaped to get inside of the submarine. Leap over to this area again and walk down the corridor, but this time open the door to the right about mid way down this corridor. When you reach the end of this corridor, you'll run into another door. On the other side of this door are enemies, so prepare for a fight. When you have eliminated them, continue walking down the corridor. About mid way down you'll see a hoist from a platform to your left. There is another Guardian down the hall here on the upper level. Turn and fight him here from a distance until he is history. Now continue down the corridor. You'll see the yellow key card door ahead of you. Make note of this door as you'll need to come back to it soon. As you continue walking, there are Uzi clips on your right and a hatch at the end of the ramp which holds a Riot Gun. Turn left to the east and take a few steps to the end of this corridor and then turn to your right facing south. Again, walk ahead a few steps and then turn 180 degrees around. You can see a ladder leading up to your left. Climb up the ladder to the top and walk to the left to the green key card door. Use your card on the slot and enter the room inside.

Picture: Jump onto the moving platform to reach the other side.

This room has the controls for the platform that had the hoist hanging down from it you saw earlier. Walk straight in, grab the shotgun shells and the fortune cookie and then turn facing east and activate the switch. You'll see the platform start moving. Now walk back out the green key card door and over by the ladder where you can walk into the platform as it approaches. Once you've successfully gotten on the platform and off onto the other side, you'll see another door down to the left and a first aid sign on the wall. Again, there is a portable medkit behind this sign. Prepare for enemy attacks as you open this door and enter. When you have eliminated them, walk forward into this corridor and you'll see the yellow key card ahead of you as well as a Missile Launcher to the right.

Picture: Grab the yellow key card, but don't go thru this door.

A yellow key card door is right in front of the key card, but this door takes you back to the area where you first entered the compound and it is way out of the way of where you need to go next. Instead, travel back to where the moving platform is and go to the other yellow key card door we saw in the corridor on the next level down. Go to this door and walk inside to the end where you see a switch on the wall that activates the elevator ahead of it. Enter the elevator and hit the switch inside of it to lower it again. Turn to the north and watch for enemies. When they are no longer a threat, walk inside to the room at the end of the corridor.

Picture: The remote controlled vehicle has a powerful gun.

Straight ahead of you there is a hatch that holds a medkit and a nuclear warhead. To the right you'll see a remote control in front of the underwater viewing window. This remote control operates the vehicle in the water in this area. This vehicle comes complete with a gun. Use the remote to maneuver the vehicle to where you can shoot the crack in the door in the south side of this underwater cave. Once you have blasted it apart, go out of this room and up the elevator and head back down the corridor that leads you back to where the docked submarine is located. Go to where you picked up the medkit and Riot Gun over by the rear of the submarine. Drop down into the water and face west. Swim down quickly and then turn to your right and you can see a blasted opening ahead of you to the north. Swim into it and then surface for air. You now are on the other side of the island. Swim to the rock and grab the Missile Launcher, then head south and jump onto the rock ledge there. Jump up once more and see the exit to the northeast. Hit the exit and prepare for the final level, Stone Rain.

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