Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Rising Son - Level 5

Rising Son is the first level of the registered version. This level is about mid-sized with both outdoors and indoor settings. Your objective in this level is to find two keys and solve a tricky puzzle and finish off the Serpent God that escaped you in the ending of the shareware. As Lo Wang, you begin this level in a boat. There are two explosions that will occur while you are in the boat before you will be able to jump out of it. The first explosion is an explosion in the wall to your left which blows a hole in that wall. The second explosion is toward the end of the lake you are traveling in. This explosion eventually sinks the boat you are traveling in. You will be able to jump out of the boat when the whirlpool starts and you'll need to head to the opening where the first explosion occurred.

Picture: Use the turret to mow down the enemies quickly and save your ammo.

After wasting the Ninjas and possible Guardian in the opening, progress slowly up the stairway inside as another explosion will trigger which will damage you if you run up the stairs quickly. Once you reach the top of the stairs, cross the bridge over to the other side of the lake where you will be from this point on to complete this level. As you walk down the ramp to the ground level, there are a table and a double door closet to the right of that table. Inside of that closet, there are a RAM heat seeker card and caltrops. When you step onto the table, it lowers and opens a secret area behind the mural around the corner to the north. Inside of the secret area are a flash bomb and a Grenade Launcher that you have to retrieve in order to progress. After grabbing the Grenade Launcher, you need to go to the double door to the east. You can hear Hornets buzzing on the other side. Open the doors and kill all the Hornets before you step thru the door. When the door is open, you can see a door ahead of you that takes a silver key and the silver key precariously hanging midair above. You can also see a ground level turret ahead slightly to the left. Run to the turret and use it to kill the Ninjas to the south. Once you proceed into the shore and into the water, you'll notice that your path is blocked by an underwater wall. This wall has a crack in it. Step back out of the water and use your Grenade Launcher to blow open the wall and go swim under it. Be sure to grab the armor on the other side of the wall to the right and the gas bomb on the surface to the left.

Picture: There are some useful items on this ledge. Make a running jump from the top of the waterfall to get them.

The narrow corridor ahead should be approached with caution. A Coolie is inside the corridor to the right waiting to give you a TNT surprise. I suggest you draw him out, go back into the water and throw a gas bomb to dispose of him. When the gas bomb has dissipated, enter the hallway and turn to the right. Before heading up the stairs, there is a hatch to you right that holds health. Now heading up the stairs to the right, be prepared as there may be enemies there. Half way up the stairs there is a hatch to the left that has a Riot Gun. The stairs proceed up a short way more where you can see the lake where you first started through a window. Now walk back down the stairs and open the door ahead of you. Instead of proceeding ahead thru this short hall to the next door, I suggest you turn to your left and jump thru the opening there onto this open courtyard. The gold key is in this area that will be needed to proceed much further and I suggest you get it now rather than later. There will be at least one Coolie there and possibly more enemies depending on the difficulty level you selected. I suggest you move to the left of the waterfall in this courtyard and jump onto the lower part of the waterfall. From there you can pick off the Coolies from a safe distance and they cannot attack you. It's also a good idea since you are already on the waterfall to jump on a level higher and make a running jump across the ledge where you can see an Uzi, fortune cookie and medkit. Once you've cleared this area, you'll see the gold key on the ground as you walk around the right-hand side of the waterfall. As you approach the key, enemies will jump you so be ready to fight. After you retrieve the gold key, more enemies will spawn as you travel back around. Once again, prepare for battle. Now that all the enemies are cleared from this courtyard, you should proceed back where you jumped into this area into the hallway.

Picture: Railgun rods and kevlar armor can be seen from atop of the Buddha statue. You can reach them only when the statue is in the highest position.

Inside the first door, there is a Buddha statue with at least one Guardian in this area. Kill these enemies and jump onto the statue. The statue changes its position when you jump onto it. Since it is already in the up position when you first jump on it, it will lower. Jump back onto it and jump onto the statues head when it is back in the up position and turn to the north. Jump onto the ledge with a running jump and grab the Railgun ammo and the kelvar armor.

Now as you proceed north into the next hallway, you're sure to encounter a Ripper. Straight ahead is a hatch with a gas bomb inside. My favorite strategy in this hallway is to jump out the window next to the gas bomb hatch and lob grenades into the hallway from the safety of the courtyard pond. When you cleared out a path ahead, you may continue to proceed down this hallway. Just as the hallway splits off, there is a crack in the wall the right that holds a fortune cookie inside. Straight ahead is a door that takes a silver key. Now turn to the left and head to the gold key door and open it.

Picture: Look up slightly and you'll see the silver key above you.

Inside this small room will be at least one Guardian inside to battle. Once this room is cleared there is a door to the west to continue onward. When the door has been opened, shot the barrels to make them explode. There is a fireball shooting statue in the corner to the north of the hallway. You'll want to run quickly past the statue to avoid the fireball attacks. Once you get around the corner of the statue, there is a bunch of barrels and a few enemies hiding behind them. Shoot at the barrels to make them explode and it should kill most if not all of the enemies. Now run down the hallway where the barrels were and around the corner to where you see the silver door across the walkway. The silver key is hanging from a chain above that bridge. Jump up and grab it and open the silver key door ahead of you.

Next walk through the courtyard and jump into the window where the gas bomb was hidden in the hatch toward the silver key door at the end of the hall. As you open the door you see a raised blue block you must step on. You'll also notice the door is green. This puzzle is a color puzzle where you have to select the correct two colors that combine to create the door color and then hit the wall switch once the correct two blocks are in the lowered position. The colors blue and yellow makes the color green. Step on those two blocks and hit the green switch and the door changes to purple. The combination of the color's blue and red make the color purple. Step on the yellow block to raise it and then step on the red block to lower it and then hit the purple switch. Now you have solved the puzzle and the only thing left to do is face the Serpent God and finish what you started at the end of the shareware.

Picture: Solve the block puzzle in this reflective floored room to open the door ahead.

There is at least one Ripper creature in this small dark hallway that will be trying to stop you from facing the Serpent Boss. There is also a fortune cookie ahead of you to boost your health. Once you get by the Rippers, follow the path until it slopes automatically downward. When you drop into the pit, be sure to grab the nuke power up before climbing the ladder back to the top. Run around the top collecting health and weapons until you can get a good shot at the Serpent God with a nuclear missile. Then run around dodging the accursed skulls and his attack while firing off missiles and grabbing health until you have defeated him. When you have defeated him, the lava pit will fill and the exit sign will be exposed from one of the columns.

Picture: Be sure to grab the nuclear warhead before you climb up to face the Serpent God.

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