Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Zilla's Villa - Level 8

The next level in your mission to find Zilla takes place in a small villa. You begin the level just inside a door that you past through from the previous level and right away you are greeted by a welcoming committee of Ninjas. Your objective is to survive all attacks while searching for yet another set of four keys in order to proceed to the next level. This level is rather small and well suited to deathmatch and can be completed rather quickly as a single player level.

After killing all the Ninjas, which are initially attacking you, walk down the stairs you start the level on and walk to the boardwalk. As you walk down the stairs, turn to your right and follow the boardwalk to the intersection. To your left, there is a gold key door. Further down the boardwalk is a silver key door. The first key we will find is the gold key. There is a small fence along the boardwalk. Leap over the fence to where you are near a well and you can see stairs leading up to the east. Walk up the stairs and around the hall and you'll see the gold key in the open area straight ahead of you. Beware of enemies that are guarding this key. When you reach the gold key, there is a barred window near it. As you look through the window, you can see the silver key. If you can see any enemies through this window, try to fire upon them while you are semi-protected from their attack. As you walk north in this area, you'll see a Riot Gun in the corner and a stream where you can see another open area that is blocked. Shoot any enemies you see through the bars.

Picture: The gold key is the first key you will need in this level.

Go back to where the gold key door was and open it. The silver key is within plain site. If you did not kill all of the enemies through the window where you picked up the gold key, prepare for their attack. Once the area is clear, you'll find lots of items within this room. There is a RAM heat seeker card near the window and around the corner some Railgun rods, a Riot Gun and two medkits as well. Get all the items you need and head toward the silver key door.

As you approach the silver key door, there is a path you can take to the right. As you follow it around the corner, enemies are waiting to attack. Quickly fire upon them and walk to the end of this walkway and grab the missiles. As you walk back, you'll see an open courtyard over the fence to your right. Battle any enemies in this area and jump the fence. There are a medkit, missiles and a smoke bomb in this area you should retrieve if needed. You can also dive under the water in this area and it connects to the well that was in the area where you went after the gold key.

Picture: The ladder heading up to the roof is well hidden.

Now go to the silver key door and open it. There is a stairway down to you left. Walk cautiously down it as when you approach the bottom enemies are there ready to attack in the room that is to the right. After you kill all the enemies in this room, you'll see a red key door south. There is a fireplace in the middle of the west wall here that has a ladder hidden within it. Walk carefully into the fireplace and turn back around to the east when you are inside. Jump up and you'll start climbing the ladder. When you reach the top of the ladder you'll be on the rooftop and there will be enemies up there as well. As you clear this area from enemies, there are quite a few items that are placed here along with the bronze key. If you turn to the right just atop the stairs, you'll find a nuclear warhead. As you walk around the north, there is a gas bomb in the corner. When you continue around to the north, beat the enemies there and you'll find the bronze key in the planter area to the west. There is also a Railgun at the far end of this planter. There is also another fireplace chimney across the planter you can jump down, but I don't suggest this.

Picture: Once you make your way to the roof, the bronze key is easy to find.

Now walk back down to the ladder and head to the north up the stairs that lead into a long narrow room. There are a number of enemies there that must be eliminated quickly. Take them out and walk forward to where the fireplace is. Across the fireplace to the west is a short hallway with a door to the right that leads to a dojo. Enter the room and shoot any enemies inside. There are an Uzi and Sticky Bombs in this room. If you are very low on health, you can use your fists on the training dummies inside to build up your strength as well. Now continue out of the dojo, back down the hallway. You'll see the bronze key door to your left, but before going through the door, walk to the end of the hall and grab any items you need on top of the crates first. Now open the bronze door and step inside.

Picture: The red key is up near the bronze key door.

You are now in the area you could see from where the Riot Gun was where the gold key was located. Just inside the door, turn to your left facing south and jump up into the small room window. The red key is there along with a Guardian Head. Jump back down and back though the bronze door you entered and then back down the hallway and down the stairs to the room where the red key door is. Open the door, kill any enemies and exit the level.

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