Shadow Warrior Walkthroughs

Monastery - Level 9

This level is a medium sized level that uses all four keys. You start out in a room that has a column moving swiftly back and forth which just so happens to have sharp blades sticking out of the sides. Make sure you don't get too close to it or you'll end up like the Ninjas on the ground.

In this room you will notice four niches in the walls. Three of them have a red curtain in them, with a light and a picture. In each of these niches is an item. On the one on your side of the room, there is an Uzi. The other two are on the wall with the moving column. Be careful not to get hit while you jump into these niches. In one of the niches is a flash bomb, and in the other are shotgun shells. There is also a heat seeker card in this room which is beside the door that takes the gold key. Wait until the column is leaving, run in and get it. Stay close to the wall there and the column will not harm you, then quickly run back out before you get sliced and diced. Now notice that the fourth niche doesn't have anything in it. It's just wood, which is actually a hidden door. Open the door and proceed in cautiously as there is a Ripper as well as possibly other enemies in there waiting to pounce on you. Just start blasting the enemies with the Uzi to clear this area.

Picture: This false wall opens into where you get the red key.

You should see a waterfall to the left which has the red key in it, a second Uzi, and a fortune cookie. As you continue, you will see some Uzi clips near the torches. Further down you take a right and you will see a gas bomb with a silver key door to your right. Just beyond the bomb is a Ninja and a Riot Gun. When you kill the Ninja and drop down to grab the Riot Gun, you'll see a blocked passage to the west. If you can see any enemies thru the slots here, shoot them now. Now head back to the starting room with the moving column. Be sure to grab the medkits in this room is your health is down.

Walk to the east side of this room and then turn south and run, avoiding the moving column, into where the silver and red key doors are. Don't go through the red key door just yet. You will want to try to clear the room before plunging in there. There will be several enemies in there and you should minimize the damage you take before entering this area. Here is a good way to kill these guys without getting hurt. Open the door, and then shoot the enemies as soon as you see them, then quickly shut the door to block their attacks. Repeat this as many times as you need to. This way you aren't jumping right into a room with enemies surrounding you and you can't guard yourself from their attacks. Another method is to use the gas bomb. Open the door and throw in the gas bomb. Then shut the door and let the bomb take care of them. It might not kill all of them, but it will damage the ones near the bomb which will help. As you enter the room, you'll notice there are two doors that take keys. One of them takes a silver key and the other takes a bronze key. There is also a gong in the room. If you shoot the gong, four small doors will open which have some useful items in them. They contain Uzi clips, Sticky Bombs, a medkit, and some shotgun shells. To the south you will see a small hallway, and at the end of the hallway is an Uzi clip and grenade shells. To the right is a large door. Open the door and turn left where you should see stairs going down. Watch for enemy attackers as you head down the stairs. As you are going down the stairs, about halfway there is a window which holds some missiles. Also on the other side of the steps you should see a picture that has Uzi clips by it.

Picture: Shoot the gong and the four doors open in this room.

Once you are at the bottom of the steps, go to your left through a doorway and into a room with a statue in it and candles on a ledge behind the statue. In this room is a Riot Gun, a couple medkits, and an Uzi. Now proceed to the west and go up the small set of curving stairs. There is a ledge to the left and right of the stairs as you are going up. To the right on the ledge are some shotgun shells, and to the left are caltrops. Again, watch for enemies. To the east in this room is a fortune cookie that you should grab. Now go to the west wall and turn right where you should see a small room. In this room is a medkit and a Guardian Head. Go up the red stairs that you can see in this room now. There are an Uzi clip and another medkit at the top of these stairs.

Now open the door at the top of the stairs and go in and eliminate any enemies. There are steps that lead down to a stage, and seats in between the steps. On the stage is the silver key and a Missile Launcher. Grab them and get off the stage. To the left of the stage you will see a tall red curtain to the west. If you walk through the curtain, you will get some night vision goggles. Now go back up the steps toward the door. If you turn north when you approach the painting, you'll see an Uzi clip and a smoke bomb on a ledge. Jump up and grab them and exit this room.

Picture: The silver key.

Go back into the dojo room that had the fortune cookie in it. When you reach the center of the training mat, turn left to the north. You should see a hallway leading to another room. In this room there is a Ripper Heart in the middle. Get the heart and also the medkit in the room if needed. Continue walking northwest to an outside area that has wooden poles that connect at the top, and kelvar armor hanging from the center on a chain. Here is how to get that armor. On the brick wall to the west you will see some Shurikens sticking in the wall. There is also some Shurikens on the wooden pole. Jump onto the Shurikens in the brick wall until you are standing on the highest Shuriken. Now jump as far as you can toward the armor. If executed properly, you should now have full armor.

Picture: You can reach the kevlar armor from here.

Now go back to where you picked up the Ripper Heart There are two doors you can see in this room. One of them takes the gold key and the other takes the silver key. If you like you can go into the door that takes the silver key but it is not needed in order to finish the level. Instead, lets go to another silver key door. Go back into the dojo training room where you got the fortune cookie turn clear around to the left and go down the stairs. Stay to the left and go back up the stairs to the large door and get back into the room with the gong. Turn west and go up the ramp and open the door that takes the silver key.

As soon as you open the door and walk through the doorway, there is a small planter to the right that has a bonsai tree and a small Buddha in it. The gold key is in this planter as well. If you need health or shotgun shells, you can go down the hallway and turn left where you should see a fire providing light with health and shells under it.

Picture: The gold key in stashed in this small planter.

Go back through the door that takes the silver key to get into the room with the gong and go through the door that takes the red key which is to the north. You should now be back into the starting room. Watch for the moving column and run past it. Now walk west to the other end of the room where the gold key door is located. Arm yourself with a Riot Gun or an Uzi and prepare to fight enemies close up. Once you open the gold door, there should be some enemies close to you which will include at least a Ninjas and a Guardian. Kill these and go up the steps. You should see a straight path leading to a wall with a picture on it. If you need shotgun shells there are some to the left in a small room. Go strait until you reach the picture and turn left where you will see a grenade launcher and the bronze key on the floor.

Picture: The final key of this level lies ahead of you.

Now go back to the starting room and go into the door that takes the red key. Now open the door that takes the bronze key. There is a Ninja in here so take care of him. In this room is armor, health, a Missile Launcher, and shotgun shells. Now just push the switch to end the level. Now you're off to the next level - Raider of the Lost Wang.

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