Boppin' Help

Please note Boppin has been discontinued, and no current support is offered for the title.  This information is being provided for historical purposes only.  The original authors of the title have released the game for free on their own - you can get more information about that here.

This page lists questions and links to solutions for various problems we've encountered for our (DOS version) Boppin' game.

Click on the question you wish to see the answer for.

Game Hint - Shareware Level 13

What you'll need to do after clearing the large amount of blocks from the left area of the level is this. Take a look at the bottom of the level. You'll see three refractors there. Stand in between the middle and the right one, and throw the block to the right. Assuming you're standing in the right spot, it'll bounce off a few walls, and into the area.

Boppin is the type of game that if you can't figure something out, your best bet is to go try all the options available to you; one of them will work. In other words, in a situation like this, just try standing on all the blocks that you can, and try throwing the block both ways (left/right) to see what happens. This technique will be useful in later levels.

Game Hint - Shareware Level 17

Here's how to solve Level 17 in Boppin Shareware:

1) Don't take the batteries. Doing that will cause you to not be able to finish the level.

2) Clear as many flies (both white and black) that you can without touching the batteries.

3) Once you've done that, you'll need to grab one of the white ones, and then shoot it at an angle so it just barely clears the green block (don't bounce it off the green block, or it won't work).

4) Before it comes back and you catch it again, run to the elevator, and go down, and around, and stand on top of the green block. Assuming you haven't taken the batteries, you can do this.

5) The previously thrown fly should still be in it's pattern of boucing around. If it blows up, you didn't clear enough flies in step 2. From the position of being on top of the green block, you can now reach the flies in the top of the screen.

The rest of the flies can be gotten fairly easy. Once you've cleared the flies at the top right part of the screen, you can then go ahead and take the batteries, since they're no longer needed at this point.