Duke Nukem I Help

This page lists questions and links to solutions for various problems we've encountered for our Duke Nukem I game.

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Game Hint for Episode 3 Level 7 

The trouble that you are having with Duke Nukum I Episode 3 level 7 is not a bug. The way to get out of the section that you are in is very close to the beginning of the level.

After getting the grappling hooks return to the beginning of the level. Jump up and to your right, and stand on the left edge of the step. From the edge, jump up and to the left, and there will be a section that you can grab with your grappling hooks. Grab onto the grappling hooks, and you will be able to flip yourself up and continue the game.

What's the deal with Duke Nukem & Duke Nukum?

There is frequently a great deal of confusion over the correct spelling of one of Apogee's most prized characters, Duke Nukem. The original spelling for the name was "Duke Nukem"; however, during the code fix stage between v1.0 and v2.0 of the original game, Apogee found a character overseas named "Duke Nukem" that was thought to be copyrighted. So, for v2.0 of the original Duke game, the name was changed to "Duke Nukum." Then, during the programming of Duke Nukem 2 (That's the sequel, not version 2 of the original), it was discovered that the character they found overseas was not copyrighted after all -- and so the original name was reinstated. "Duke Nukem" is also the spelling used in all successive games that featured the character.

The spellings "Duke Nuke 'em," "Duke Nuke'um," "Duke Nuke'm," "Duke Nuk'em" and other variations are not, and were never, correct.

I'm not getting any sound!

That's because there is none!  The only sounds this game makes are PC Speaker sounds - this game was originally put out in 1991, in an era when most games had no sound card support at all.