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This page lists questions and links to solutions for various problems we've encountered for our Paganitzu game.

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Help with using Joysticks with Paganitzu

The problem that you are having with your joystick in Paganitzu can be caused by one of two things. Either you do not have the most current version of the game, Version 1.02, or you have a 386+ computer.

When Paganitzu was first created, the fastest computers only ran at about 12Mhz, and the speed at which the game cards operated at remained a constant speed. Today's newer computers use speed compensating game cards that can make up for most problems that aroused when computers began pushing the speed limit. Due to the method used by Paganitzu to access the game card, this game will not run properly while using the joystick on a 386+ machine.

Due to the age of Paganitzu, Apogee will not be updating the game to support joysticks on 386+ machines.

Walkthrough Episode 1 Level 12

1    + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +     -------------------
2    = & & & & & & & & & & & & & & +     ( -- starting point
3    + k k k + + + + + + + + D D D !     & -- water
4    +       +   k + + k   + D k D +     + -- walls
5    + * * * +     S S     + D D D +     ! -- the exit
6    +       +             +       +     * -- boulders
7    +   k   +             + R * R +     = -- pipeline
8    + * * * + S         S + * * * +     R -- rubble
9    +                             +     S -- snake
10   + + + + +     * *     + + + + +     # -- spider
11   +   #     R         R         (     D -- diamond
12   + + + + + + + + + + + + + + + +     k -- key

     A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P

You begin at the point P-11. First, we'll concentrate on clearing the left side of the map and getting the 4 keys. Remove the rubble at K-11, then go to B-9. Push the rock at B-8 up ONE space, then push the rock at D-8 up ONE space. Then move to D-8 and push the rock at C-8 to the left. The left side of the map should now look like this:

1    + + + + +
2    = & & & &
3    + k k k +
4    +       +
5    + * * * +
6    +       +
7    + * k * +
8    + *     +
9    +
10   + + + + +
11   +   #
12   + + + + +

     A B C D E

Get the key at C-7, then repeat the same steps for the next set of 3 boulders (i.e. push the rocks at B-5 and D-5 up ONE space, then push the rock at C-5 to the left and get the keys.

Notice how this leaves you with 2 usable rocks, now located at D-7 and D-4. We'll come back to them; now it's time for the right side of the screen.

Prepare by pushing the rock at I-10 up one space, then release the spider by clearing the rubble at F-11. Keep out of his way, and as soon as possible, go stand at H-9, directly to the left of the rock you just pushed up. When the spider begins going down the "corridor" of L,M,N,O-9, follow him with the rock. Here's what the right side of the screen should look like:

1   + + + + + + + + +
2   & & & & & & & & +
3   + + + + + D D D !
4   + + k   + D k D +
5   S S     + D D D +
6           +       +   |where you are "@" at H-9, pushing the rock at
7           + R * R +   |I-9 to the right as the spider goes down the
8         S + * * * +   |"corridor" from L-9 to O-9
9   @ *      #      +
10  *       + + + + +
11        R         (
12  + + + + + + + + +

    H I J K L M N O P

When you trap the spider at O-9 with the rock, he will explode, turning himself, the rock at O-8, and the rock you were pushing at N-9 into diamonds. Move into the area, and get the diamonds and key. Notice now that you have 3 usable rocks available to you, at M-8, N-8, and N-7.

You now have enough rocks to proceed. Use the 4 rocks from the right side of the screen, (if you mess anything up, you've got two extra rocks on the left side) to block the snakes, get the final keys, and exit the level.

Walk Through Episode 1 level 16

On this one I can not do a map of it, although if you number the boulders from 1 to 6 starting from the top you should be able to understand.

Leave Boulder #1 where it is. (It is already blocking the path of the spider) Put Boulder #2 over the next "door" and Boulder #3 over the last door and it will block the long passage on the right.

Then you need to open the door's. Using Boulder #4 move it right once then come around and get under it so you can move it to the far left slot. When you do this it will open up all the walls, but since all the spiders are trapped in at this time you have nothing to worry about.

First push Boulder #1 up until the spider Dies. Then do it for Boulder #2 as well. By the time you do that the Spiders that are by Boulder #3 should have already turned into one, which means you have 2 spiders left on the level.

Now you need to get Boulder #5 out and into the middle of the room lined up with the 2nd doorway. (We are going to use it to trap a spider) Then you need to move Boulder #3 up one space, and let the spider that is in the hall free.

Use Boulder #5 to trap him in the 2nd room. (You can not kill him using this but it will keep him out of your way.) Now wait until you can trap the last spider in the little area to the left of Boulder #3 and kill it.

Walk Through Episode 1 level 19

The best way I can think to explain this level is to make an ASCII picture of this level with everything labeled, then tell you the moves you should do (like a chess game) You might want to print this out:

   1    X X X X X X X = ! X X X X X X X
   2    X & & & & & = =   X X       k X
   3    X     k     X       X         X
   4    X   k *     X       X       S X
   5    X   *     = = &     X & & & & X
   6    X   *   * = & &     X & & & & X
   7    X         = = &             k X
   8    X     *     X   *     *       X
   9    X           X   *     * *     X
   10   (           X   *       *     X
   11   X & & & & & = = S     k X     X
   12   X X X X X X X = X X ^ X X X ^ X

        A B C D E F G H I J K L M N O P

Sorry; this is the best I could do with keyboard characters, but here's the legend:

  X -- rock wall
  & -- water
  * -- boulder
  k -- key
  = -- pipe
  S -- snake
  ^ -- spikes
  ( -- entrance
  ! -- exit

Throughout this message, I'll refer to a trick I'll call "the technique" which is essentially, pushing a rock from below or from its right side up to the coordinates I-4, moving yourself to H-4, then pushing the rock to the right, then down. "The technique" is useful for getting rocks in a position where you can push them from its left side. But more about that later. Here we go.

First, avoiding the spider, push the rock at E-6 up one space, then push the rock at D-8 up and to the right one space (so it ends up at E-7). Keep out of the spiders way until he enters the small "nook" area you created at E-6 - when he does that, push the rock at C-6 in behind him. The spider, trapped by the rocks and the pipeline, will explode, turning the rocks and the pipe into diamonds and opening a passage to the right side of the screen.

Next, on the right side of the screen, push the rock at I-9 to the left against the wall, then push the rock at I-8 up to I-4. Now use "the technique" to get that rock down to J-7. So far so good?

Good. Push the rock at J-7 to K-7, so it will be a few spaces directly above the spears. Now comes a semi-tricky part. You must run and push the rock that is at L-8 to M-8. If you do it right, the spears will shoot up and miss you, hitting the rock you left at K-7 earlier. Now you should be at L-8, and the rock that was formerly there should be at M-8. (Make sure didn't push the rock too far -- if it ended up at N-8 or O-8 instead of M-8, you'll have to start over!)

Now, go down and dissolve the wall at M-11 (just run into it) and get the key at L-11 (the snake can't attack since the discharged spears are in his way. Now, push the rock at M-10 to N-10, then push it up into the water at N-6. Next, push the rock at M-8 to N-8, push the rock at M-9 down to M-10 to get it out of your way, then push the rock at N-8 up into the water at N-5, and push the rock at M-10 up into the water at M-6.

Now you'll need to use the rock at K-7 which the spears hit earlier. Don't worry; the spears won't come up any further after you move the rock. Standing to the right of the rock at K-7, use "the technique" to move the rock over and up to I-4, over to J-4, then back down to J-7. Push the rock over to M-7, then up into the water at M-5. Finally, push the rock at L-9 up to L-7, then use "the technique" to manipulate it like the others, until you can push it (from its left side) over to N-7; then push it up to N-4 to block the snake.

After that, the rest is easy. Walk up through the gap at M-6 and M-5, grab the key, head back down, grab the key at O-7 and turn and run QUICKLY before the spikes hit you (it can be done!), then head for the exit!

Whew! Sorry this is so convoluted, but it's the only way I could think of to explain it to you. It WAS a tough level and I almost gave it up several times! Oh well...good luck, and let me know if I can help you any more!

Walk Through Episode 2 level 15

There are 3 tasks that you have to do to get through this room.

The First one is the get the Gem at the bottom of the map. Although it looks like it can not be done it is possible. Stand next to the last flame, and then go when it goes out. When you get it and are ready to return you need to go when the flame goes out and then move 2 spaces and pause (for about 1 sec) and then go on.

The next task is to get across the top flames. This is just timing. Stand next to the flame and when it goes out run. Once you get across push the bolder up one space and you go through the hidden wall that is down from your position. Then use the first GEM to blow up the bolder. (Make sure to get all the way down so you do not blow up with it) Once you have done that you need to collect the 4 gems and blow a path to the final switch.

The last task is also the most important. You need to hit the switch when the first flame is turned off. This will let you get out through the passage that you just cleared. Once you through the switch you can go to the center and look for the other hidden wall to get to the final key.

Walk Through Episode 2 level 16

The solution for room 16 is kinda tricky.

Collect all the Gems, Keys and bombs that you can with out moving any Dirt or rocks.

Go all the way back to the Lower Right hand corner of the Level, and then move next to the switch on the right hand side, Make sure that you do not touch any dirt.

Move up one space and over 3, You will now be over the 3rd switch. Throw that one.

Dig out all the dirt that you can, and in the space that is above you you need to lay your first bomb. Again clear out all the dirt that you can and lay the 2nd bomb where you can gain access to the keys and the next 2 bombs.

From here you can use your 2 bombs to get to the exit, or go for the special secret that is in this level.

To get to the secret, you need to go back down to the switches. Bomb the rock that is over the 2nd switch from the right, and throw that switch. Now you can collect all the gems that you can.

Walk Through Episode 2 Level 17

1) Get the 5 gems right at the start of the level.

2) Push the topmost boulder as far right as you can, this will leave you standing on top of the second boulder.

3) Go and take out the two piles of "dirt" that are blocking the entrance to the room that holds the upper lizard. When you take them out, the lizard will go and sit at the space where you took the boulders from in Step #1. Make sure to get out of the way when the lizard is exiting, or you'll die.

4) Collect the bomb from the just vacated room.

5) Go back to the boulder you were standing on top of at the end of Step #2, and then push it down exactly 3 blocks, so it's on the same row as the switch.

6) Move one space to the right, and plant the bomb. Make sure to get out of the way. Lots of things will explode!

7) Go and remove the dirt from the chamber where the second lizard is. DO NOT get the crystal and the mask yet.

8) When you open up the lower lizard room, get out of the way, since the lizard will follow you. He will then go and sit at the switch and won't bother you again.

9) Now you can get the crystal and the mask, as well as the crystal from the vacated lower lizard room.

10) Remove the dirt that is keeping the fireguy in there, and he will escape, and will start traversing the level. Avoid him, and get the rest of the keys, and you'll be OK. There is one invisible key that is in the wall. It is in the lower part of the right hand wall, just above the exit.

I'm not getting any sound!

That's because there isn't any sound to get!   This game was done in an era when most games didn't have any sound at all.  The few sounds the game do make are PC Speaker effects.