March 16, 1998

Duke Nukem: Time to Kill Update

A few developers from n-Space visited 3D Realms last Friday to give us a full demonstration of DN: T2K for the Playstation platform. From what we saw it's a fairly safe bet that this game is going to be a giant hit. In the game Duke travels through several time zones chasing aliens who are trying to defeat Duke by changing history. Duke battles in present day locations, and goes back in time to scenarios such as the Old West and the Roman Era. The game is slated for release later this year.

Led by Erick Dyke, n-Space is surely one of the up-and-coming development houses to keep an eye on, with several other top-notch games also in progress.

However, there's a little concern about n-Space's game playing ability, at least if Ted Newman, one of their key designers on DN: T2K, is any indication. Scott Miller, head of Apogee, made the challenge that he is invincible at Mario Kart 64. Ted, claiming he was the best MK64 player at n-Space, keenly accepted the challenge, and was soundly beaten on each and every track raced, with an average ranking of 7 (of 8), while Scott mostly ranked number 1 during the many races. Some said it was Scott's trash talking that disrupted Ted's play style, while others opined that Ted just sucked!

A rematch has been set for E3 on one of the big video walls at the GT booth. Ted was last seen practicing during his lunch hour. And for the rematch, Scott promises not to play some of the tracks with the controller upside down, which seemed to distract Ted noticeably from his game plan.

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