May 7, 1998

Max Payne Development Update

Hi all,

First of all, thanks to everyone who sent ideas and e-mail on Weapons in Max Payne. After reading through hundreds of e-mails, I'm now confident that we're on the right track with our weapon design. A lot of the things that we're suggested we're things we were doing anyway, but there has been some new cool ideas that we've overlooked. (I won't spoil the surprise and tell you which ones :-) Still, if you think you have some ideas that would be extremely cool with a real world weapon setup, you can still sneak in an e-mail to me... who knows, it might still make it to the game.

Second, I think that the gaming community deserves a right to give input on the games we're working on, so in addition to weapons please send feedback on level design. Do you get the biggest kicks out of Jedi Knight? Quake 2? Duke? Do you think that realism is the key element, or does it matter as long as the level plays well? Everything should naturally be interactive, but what would be to coolest thing to break or activate in real life? Machinery? Glass/Ice statues? Chandeliers? What?

As always, send e-mail directly to [email protected] Please use subject line 'Max Payne Levels' or 'Max Payne Weapons' depending on what you're giving feedback on.


Petri Jarvilehto
Producer - Max Payne

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