May 25, 1998

Max Payne E3 Info

We have two updates about Max Payne & E3. The first comes from the Remedy Site and the second comes from a Markus Maki .plan update.

The First Update: We'll be showing off Max Payne at the Electronic Entertainment Expo in Atlanta on May 28-30 at the big G.O.D. booth (#1453 in the East Hall). There will be a video on the booth and a special invite-only back room demo, where we'll show the game running in real-time. So, if you're attending E3 next week, make sure you check out Max!

The Second Update: E3 rush is still on. Haven't gotten much sleep lately.

Update: I'm going to E3. We changed plans somewhat :) Our plane is leaving next Weds 7:10am meaning we have to be at the airport at 6am latest. Might not be worth sleeping at all... Although I'm looking forward to E3 very much, I'm not that fond about the 16 hours in transit that it takes for us to get there.

Did the Max Payne video yesterday. It's definitely cool, a lot better than the first video we did two months back. Come and check it out at the god booth.

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