May 18, 1998

Max Payne Update

E3 is right behind the corner and practically all of the established game developers of the world are gearing up for it. So are we.

There will again be lots and lots of jaw-droppingly amazing titles on show from already established developers and also newer setups like ourselves.

Again, we'll be seeing lots of me-too clones, but also games with a much more original approach that are able to create new sub-genres into the already established genres.

1st and 3rd person shooters are advancing at a really fast pace, but the development can mostly be seen in better looking visuals rather than in the development of the story line, characters or gameplay depth. This is totally under- standable as the technology is advancing so fast. However, this can also have the unfortunate side-effect on some developers that they spend most of their time just focusing on visual technology. This might stray them away from the *real* thing which is the game itself. Get where I'm going with this... ? ;)

Anyhow, to make the point clear, we've not made compromises in Max Payne in regard to visual technology versus "the game". Our plan is to have both in the extreme (which should be great news to any serious gamer out there). It might not be an easy thing to pull off, but when you have 15 highly talented and motivated people, who suffer from an extremely serious case of forbearance and stubbornness (very common here in Finland), and who are all working long days on a common goal, you're bound to succeed.

Anyhow, we've been working on Max Payne for more than a year now. And during all this time all the "physical evidence" that we've given out are a dozen screen shots, which, just by themselves, have caused quite a stir already. But trust me when I say this; the screen shots don't do Max justice, and you're hereby invited to come and check out what I mean (if you're going to be at E3, that is).

Oh, and I can't yet reveal on which booth we'll be present,but if you've been following up on the news during the last couple of months, you should have a pretty good idea. ;)

Samuli Syvahuoko
Remedy Entertainment

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